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Besides buying a residential or commercial building or property directly from the owner or through a realtor, you can also do so through an auction. In auction purchases, the bidding process is so swift that there is often no time left to review or inspect the state of the property in question before making your bid and buying. Contracts are drawn up instantly, and all necessary auction contracts are signed immediately after the bidding is completed. It is safe to say that most auction purchases are often made blindly with little to no knowledge about the property. Obtaining or buying an auctioned property in good condition is unfortunately often left entirely to blind luck or in the hands of fate. 

Why Pre-Auction Building Inspections Are Important? 

As the name implies, a pre-auction or pre-purchase building inspection is a form of pre-purchase inspection usually carried out before you buy a property at auction. It is ideal to start the arrangements for building inspections once you develop an interest in any property going to auction. You should have the property examined before the auction day because once the hammer comes down during the bidding, the property is deemed yours. Once this happens, you are expected to pay the deposit right away, leaving you with no room for any price negotiations even if the property has major defects or faults. 

Conducting a pre-auction home inspection will provide you with important details or information regarding the condition of the property and the neighbourhood it is located in. This will enable you to make an informed decision about the potential property before purchasing it, leaving no room for surprises. In addition, a pre-auction inspection will give you an insight into the worth of the property and further determine whether the said property is worth the bidding price. This will help you decide if the investment is worth the while. 

You will be required to book an inspection with the authorities in charge of the property. Eventually, when the inspection agreement is accepted and authorised by the responsible individuals, the date and time for the inspection are fixed.  

Any ideal pre-auction building inspection that meets the Australian Standard of a building inspection should cover the following:

  • Pest inspections 
  • Identification of minor and major defects 
  • Termite inspections 
  • An inspection of the roof space for rot, decay or water damage
  • An inspection of the property’s exterior and its immediate surroundings 
  • An inspection of the major installations and fixtures of the building to determine if they are in good working condition.
  • At the end of the building inspections, a comprehensive inspection report should be provided by the building inspectors.

At Jim’s Building Inspections, Adelaide, we render all forms of independent building inspections in Adelaide and its environs tailored to meet your needs. We guarantee that our accredited building inspectors pay attention to detail while performing their duties and can skilfully detect minor defects that are not easily recognised. Due to the urgency of property auctions, we can provide you with last-minute inspection services within short notice.  

Our pre-auction building inspection services and reports comply with the Australian Standard of building inspections, guaranteeing a successful pre-purchase inspection of any building you wish to buy. Furthermore, our building inspectors will provide you with recommendations for defect repair and guide you on the next steps to take to get the best out of your desired property. Reach out to us to guarantee that your next purchase in an auction is free of surprises that might cost you!

Is your property built before 1990?

If we suspect any asbestos, we will take a sample and send it off to a NATA certified laboratory for confirmation. We won’t take the risk, neither should you.

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