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As the name suggests, pre-sale building inspections are carried out before putting commercial or residential properties out on the market for sale. Unlike other pre-purchase inspections, a pre-sale building inspection is arranged by the homeowner or the real estate agent responsible for selling the property. Usually, this inspection is done to determine the condition or state of the property before putting it up for sale, guaranteeing your sale is hassle-free. You might not know this, but carrying out a pre-sale inspection for your building benefits both you and the buyer.

Why Should You Consider a Pre-Sale Building Inspection? 

Allows You to Figure Out the Market Value of Your Property

Potential buyers wouldn't like to buy a building with major and minor defects or structural dilapidations at a price they consider too high. A pre-sale inspection offers you the opportunity to discover any defects in the building and leave you to decide on whether to repair the damages or sell it without carrying out repairs. Of course, fixing up the building defects would increase the value and worth of the property. Moreover, discovering the building defects before selling it keeps you on top of the situation and does not leave the price negotiations at the mercy of your potential buyers. 

Makes Your Property Marketable 

Besides your property, other properties in the market might fall within the same price range and offer the same value as yours, resulting in buyers having multiple options and choices of properties. However, presenting a complete inspection report of your building to potential buyers makes your property stand out. As a result, buyers are likely to gravitate towards your property because they will consider it a hassle-free purchase.

Earns You the Trust of a Potential Buyer

Presenting the inspection report of your property to buyers will indicate to them that you are invested in the property and committed to its maintenance; hence, they will trust your judgement. Once the potential buyers recognise that you value your property, it would encourage them to purchase it for what it’s worth. Even if a buyer insists on having a pre-purchase building inspection carried out on the property, the report will only confirm what your pre-sale inspections report says, which will further prove your honesty.

Helps Potential Buyer to Make Informed Decisions 

Purchasing a commercial or residential building is generally considered a huge investment. It is normal for potential buyers to have a bias or develop cold feet along the way; hence, laying everything on the table can help make things easier for them. A buyer would appreciate it when all the necessary information about a property is made available. This makes it so that he/she can confidently make decisions based on the information provided.

Even if the house is new and uninhabited, comprehensive building inspections should be carried out and then a practical completion report provided at the end. A comprehensive building inspection should cover the following areas:

  • A termite inspection
  • A pest inspection
  • Timber pest inspection
  • Electrical and installations inspections 
  • Pool compliance inspection (if the property has a pool)
  • Major and minor defects inspection 

At Jim’s Building Inspections, Adelaide, we have an accredited team of building inspectors who provide all sorts of building inspections in Adelaide and its environs. We take extreme measures in ensuring that our building and pest inspections are per the Australian standards of home inspections. In addition, we undertake emergency building and pest inspections within short notice. Our inspection reports are without bias and sentiments (we say it as it is), so you can trust us with your pre-sale building inspection. Contact us and let us get the job done right for you.

Is your property built before 1990?

If we suspect any asbestos, we will take a sample and send it off to a NATA certified laboratory for confirmation. We won’t take the risk, neither should you.

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