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Do you have a home, apartment, or building that you rent out or want to rent out? It's critical to safeguard yourself against hazards and losses before, during and after the renting process. Thorough and regular rental inspections will benefit you as a landlord looking to lease out your property as they guarantee your rental property is well-maintained and in perfect condition. In addition, a rental inspection gives you a chance to repair any structural flaws in your rental property before a tenant can move in. Keep in mind that you need to notify your tenant before carrying out a rental inspection.

At Jim’s Building Inspections, Adelaide, we provide building inspections services in Adelaide to ensure that your rental property complies with Australian regulations. Our professional building inspectors pay close attention to the smallest details so that we can spot any structural flaws, hazards, or problems that could endanger your tenants or guests. Our inspectors will produce a dilapidation report after carrying out a thorough building and pest inspection on your property.

Our comprehensive report contains images and descriptions of all minor and major structural flaws, as well as suggestions for repair and upkeep. At each stage during the renting and leasing process, we offer rental inspection services. For any rental house that needs inspections in Adelaide, Jims Building Inspections may do the following inspections:

  • Mid-lease inspections (done routinely)
  • Inspections at the end of a lease
  • Start of lease inspection

Advantages of a Rental Inspection

There are always hazards involved in renting out your property or residing in a rental property. A thorough and verified rental inspection can assist you in mitigating these hazards. A start-of-lease inspection, for example, can assist in determining the real value of your rental property. Most importantly, having evidence that you do frequent inspections and maintenance can safeguard you as a landlord from legal action.

Jims Building Inspections, Adelaide is a registered building inspection firm with professional indemnity as well as public liability that has been assisting rental property owners, sellers, and tenants in gaining peace of mind and additional security for many years. We aim to meet all your inspection needs, ranging from pre-purchase inspections to building and pest inspections. Call us today, and let us put your mind at ease.

Is your property built before 1990?

If we suspect any asbestos, we will take a sample and send it off to a NATA certified laboratory for confirmation. We won’t take the risk, neither should you.

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