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At Jim's Building Inspections Adelaide, we know how important it is to have a building inspection when buying or selling a property. A Jim's building inspector gives peace of mind and help you to make informed decisions.

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With Jim's, your Adelaide property is in good hands

Buying a property is a big investment. Our team of building inspectors in Adelaide gives you peace of mind. Our reports provide all the information you need. We check for defects, structural issues, safety hazards, and timber pests. Our team has experience and can identify any potential issues.

We provide detailed reports on potential issues, major defects, and safety hazards, ensuring clients understand the property's condition, within 24 hours. With prompt service and excellent customer service, we aim to provide reliable building & pest inspections in Adelaide. Our prices are competitive, but we don't compromise on quality. Trust us for accurate and detailed reports. Contact us today for a building inspection.

At Jim's, we deliver comprehensive inspection services, ensuring peace of mind for property buyers and owners. Our expert team meticulously assesses structures, identifying potential issues, and providing detailed reports for informed decision-making.

At Jim's, our property assessment services provide comprehensive evaluations, ensuring peace of mind for buyers and sellers alike. Our expert inspectors deliver detailed reports, covering structural integrity, safety, and overall property condition, empowering informed real estate decisions.

Discover peace of mind with Jim's. Our expert pest inspection services meticulously assess properties, ensuring you're informed about potential threats. Trust us to safeguard your investment with thorough, reliable inspections.

Why choose Jim's Building Inspections Adelaide?

Our goal is to provide peace of mind for property investments. We understand buying or selling a property is a big decision. We want to give our clients all the necessary information to make an informed choice. Our inspectors are experienced and qualified. They offer comprehensive building inspection services. We cover all aspects of a property, from major defects to safety hazards. Our reports provide a thorough assessment of the property's condition. We highlight any structural issues or costly repairs that may be needed. We also offer pest inspections for timber pests. They can cause significant damage to properties. With our prompt service and competitive prices, you can trust us to deliver excellent customer service. We provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or real estate agent, Jim's is the trusted choice for building inspections in Adelaide.

Reliable & budget-friendly services

Looking for reliable and budget-friendly building inspection services in Adelaide? Look no further! At Jim's, we are committed to providing accurate reports and professional, friendly service. With our comprehensive range of services, including pre-purchase, pre-sale, and timber pest inspections, you can make informed decisions about your property with confidence. Trust our experienced team to deliver detailed reports, giving you peace of mind and helping you avoid costly repairs in the future. Contact us today for prompt service and excellent customer service.

The brand South Australia trusts

We offer building and pest inspection services in South Australia. Our team of qualified inspectors are experienced builders and trained in inspections. We provide comprehensive assessments of properties with fast report turnaround and low prices. Our detailed reports help you make informed decisions about your property. We cover a wide range of services to identify potential issues, defects, and hazards. Our prompt service and customer support make the buying process smoother. 

Comprehensive & detailed

Jim's provides comprehensive inspections and reports for pre-purchase, pre-sale, and timber pest inspections. Our team of experienced building inspectors conducts comprehensive inspections, leaving no stone unturned. We provide detailed reports covering all aspects of the property, including major defects, potential issues, and safety hazards. We prioritise your peace of mind and strive to deliver unbiased and honest information. Our prompt report delivery ensures that you can proceed with property transactions without delays. 

Experienced & certified

When you need building inspections in Adelaide, it's important to hire experienced and certified builders. Our team at Jim's has the knowledge and qualifications to provide a thorough assessment of your property. We have extensive experience and expertise in the construction industry, allowing us to identify any major defects, potential issues, and safety hazards. With our qualified professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing your property has been thoroughly inspected.

Timely, professional, and thorough

We provide timely, professional, and thorough services. Our detailed reports are delivered promptly for informed decision-making. Our experienced inspectors conduct inspections professionally, ensuring comprehensive property assessments. We prioritise excellent customer service and effective communication throughout the process. With our commitment to timeliness, professionalism, and thoroughness, we aim to give our clients peace of mind and confidence in navigating the building industry.

Our Adelaide services

Harness the strength of informed choices with Jim's! Our all-encompassing services span pre-purchase to practical completion, addressing every aspect of your property venture. Trust Jim's for unmatched expertise and assurance, whether it's residential, commercial, or a new construction project.

We know Adelaide property

Reliable pre-purchase checks

Our Pre Purchase Building Inspection service provides comprehensive reports. Our team inspects internal areas, wall linings, timber floors, and wet areas. We pride ourselves in prompt service, providing detailed reports that highlight potential issues or major defects. With qualified inspectors and competitive prices, trust us to help you uncover the true condition of the property before buying.

We prioritise peace of mind for property buyers and sellers. Our building inspection services in Adelaide provide comprehensive and detailed information for informed decision-making. With years of experience, our skilled inspectors identify potential issues and major defects. We offer prompt service, including pre-purchase, pest, and commercial property inspections. Our quick turnaround time ensures no delays in the buying process. Our reports provide a comprehensive understanding of the property's true condition, including safety hazards and necessary repairs. 

Before you buy. Before you build. Inspect with confidence with Jim's!

Contact the team at Jim's today for a peace of mind of your inspection!

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Pre sale peace of mind

Choose Jim's for practical completion

Our practical completion Inspection service provides peace of mind during the final stages of construction. We thoroughly examine the building to identify any defects or issues before the final handover. Our experienced team assesses the electrical and plumbing systems, structural elements, finishes, and fixtures. We ensure that all aspects of the building meet the required standards and specifications. Our Detailed Practical Completion Inspection delivers excellent service, prompt turnaround times, and detailed reports. Trust our qualified building inspectors to provide a comprehensive inspection report that gives you a true understanding of your property's condition.

A pre sale building Inspection is essential for sellers in Adelaide's real estate market. Jim's offers a comprehensive inspection service. Our qualified inspectors thoroughly assess the property, identifying any issues. By addressing these issues before listing, sellers can increase the property's value. Our prompt service and competitive prices make it easy for sellers to receive the information they need. Trust Jim's for a Pre Sale Building Inspection that offers excellent service and comprehensive reports, ensuring the property is in the best condition possible.

Property assessment services

Jim's Property Assessment offers a wide array of services for your peace of mind. Whether it's Dilapidation Reports or Water Damage Inspections, we are your reliable partner in preserving your property's value and safety. Discover our expert assessments today.

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Structure, electrical, plumbing and more

At Jim's Building Inspections, Adelaide, we know the importance of a Comprehensive Building Stage Inspection. This inspection helps identify potential issues during construction, so we can address them early. It saves time, money, and stress by avoiding costly repairs later on. Our inspection starts from the perimeter and examines the structure, electrical systems, plumbing, and other components. What sets us apart is our non-destructive inspection method. Our experienced team ensures your building project is in top condition, giving you peace of mind.

Commercial due diligence

We are experienced building inspectors in Adelaide. Investing in a commercial property is a big decision. A thorough inspection is crucial for informed decisions and risk mitigation. Our inspections assess the building's condition, compliance, hazards, and maintenance needs. We provide comprehensive reports covering all aspects. You'll have a clear understanding of the property's true condition. We also offer specialised inspections like renovation and builder's warranty inspections. We ensure the building meets necessary standards. With our prompt service and experienced team, you can trust us for excellent customer service and competitive prices. 

Saving residents from costly mistakes

At Jim's Building Inspections in Adelaide, we understand the importance of residential building inspections. Our thorough examination ensures no faults or defects go unnoticed. We inspect structural issues, safety hazards, and costly repairs. We also offer apartment, home safety, and pool fence inspections. Our detailed reports provide clients with the information they need. 

New homes and build stage checks

Jim's Building Inspections is the top provider of New Home Building Inspections in metropolitan Adelaide. Our inspections are thorough and our reports are detailed and easy to read. We check for major defects, safety hazards, and assess the overall condition of the building. Our experienced team examines everything from the foundation to the roof. We also offer pest and timber pest inspections to protect your investment. 

Structural defects detected

We know how important it is to thoroughly inspect a building's structure. It ensures safety and integrity. Our experienced team will assess the foundation, beams, columns, walls, and roof for any major issues or safety hazards. These inspections give peace of mind and help with decision-making. Our detailed reports provide comprehensive information on the building's true condition, allowing for repairs or renovations to be planned. 

Professional pest inspections

At Jim's Building Inspections, we specialise in timber pest inspections for homes in Adelaide. We focus on identifying and preventing termite infestation, as they can cause significant property damage.

Assessment you can depend on

At Jim's Building Inspections, Adelaide, we provide accurate information and peace of mind for property decisions. Our experienced team of building inspectors has extensive knowledge in the industry. We offer comprehensive reports that cover all aspects of the property. Our reports are easy to understand and give a clear understanding of the property's condition. We also offer pest inspections for timber pests. Our goal is prompt service and quick turnaround time. We have competitive prices and a deep understanding of potential building issues. Whether you're a real estate agent, homebuyer, or property seller, we provide the information you need. Contact Jim's Building Inspections, Adelaide for all your building inspection needs.

Jim's comprehensive reporting

Our building inspection and assessment reports offer detailed and comprehensive information about the physical condition of a building. Our reports cover a wide range of assessments, including depreciation reports, dilapidation reports, roof inspection reports, asbestos inspection, and drug residue testing. These reports are vital for making informed decisions about purchasing or renovating a property, as well as ensuring compliance with legislation and regulations. With our expertise and attention to detail, we strive to deliver reports that give you peace of mind and enable you to confidently proceed with your property transactions. Trust Jim's Building Inspections for thorough and professional assessments that help you make the best decisions for your property needs.

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The Jim's process

We understand the importance of thorough building and pest inspections. Our process includes a comprehensive assessment of the property, checking for major defects, potential issues, and safety hazards. Our team uses the latest technology to find hidden problems like timber pests. We provide prompt service and same-day reporting, giving you detailed inspection reports to make informed decisions. Trust us for accurate and reliable information about the property's true condition. Our inspections offer peace of mind for buyers and sellers.

Accredited property assessments

Our team in Adelaide uses the latest inspection equipment for accurate assessments. We clearly communicate our findings and answer your questions. With years of experience, we have a strong reputation for professionalism and expertise. We comply with AS 4349 standards for high-quality reports. Our personalised service sets us apart, meeting your individual needs. 

Guaranteed results

At Jim's Building Inspections, we guarantee our building inspections and workmanship. We provide comprehensive reports to help clients make informed decisions. Our experienced team identifies major defects, potential issues, and safety hazards. We offer prompt service, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Our inspections cover all aspects of the building, including pests and structural issues. Our guarantee protects clients from costly repairs and surprises. 

Home inspection solutions

At Jim's Building Inspections, we are proud to be recognised as the best home inspection company SA wide by This acknowledgment is a testament to our team's unwavering commitment and dedication to providing top-notch services to our clients. What sets us apart is our team of experienced and certified builders who are experts in the building industry. They conduct comprehensive inspections, leaving no stone unturned, ensuring that our clients have peace of mind and all the information they need to make informed decisions. We take pride in our prompt and professional service, delivering detailed reports that highlight any potential issues or major defects. Our workmanship is guaranteed, giving our clients assurance in the quality of our services. With our skilled team, comprehensive inspections, and commitment to excellent customer service, Jim's Building Inspections is the go-to choice for all your home inspection needs in South Australia.


At Jim's, we understand the importance of peace of mind when buying a property. That's why we offer comprehensive building inspections. Our experienced team provides detailed reports on potential issues, major defects, and structural problems. This gives you a clear understanding of the property's true condition. Whether it's a new home, commercial property, or investment, our prompt service and competitive prices ensure a hassle-free buying process. Our inspection reports help you avoid costly repairs and safety hazards, protecting your investment. 

Can a building inspection cover pest inspections?

Yes, we also offer pest inspections as part of our comprehensive building inspection services, which assess and detect the presence of timber pests and provide recommendations for their treatment or prevention.

Do I need to be present during the building inspection?

While it's not mandatory, it is recommended to be present during the inspection to have a better understanding of the property's condition and ask the inspector any questions you may have.

Are building inspections only for old properties?

No, building inspections are beneficial for both old and new properties. New properties may have construction issues or defects that need to be addressed, while old properties may have wear and tear or hidden problems.

What does a building inspection report include?

A building inspection report includes a detailed assessment of the property's condition, highlighting any major defects, minor defects, safety hazards, and potential issues, along with recommendations for necessary repairs or actions.

How long does a building inspection take?

The duration of a building inspection depends on the size and complexity of the property but typically takes a few hours to complete.

Who should get a building inspection?

Anyone buying a property, including homebuyers, investors, and commercial property buyers, can benefit from a building inspection to ensure they are making a wise investment.

What are the benefits of a building inspection?

A building inspection helps you make informed decisions by providing a comprehensive evaluation of the property's condition, identifying any major defects or potential issues that may affect its value and safety.

When should I get a building inspection done?

Building inspections are typically carried out before purchasing a property, during the building process, and for regular maintenance purposes.

What is the purpose of a building inspection?

A building inspection is conducted to assess the condition of a property and identify any potential issues, defects, or safety hazards.

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At Jim's Building Inspections in Adelaide, we provide reliable and fast services for confident property transactions. Our experts help buyers and sellers make informed decisions. We offer comprehensive inspection reports and prompt service for peace of mind. Our experienced inspectors identify major defects, potential issues, and safety hazards. We understand the importance of thorough inspections and provide all the information you need to make the right choices. Contact Jim's Building Inspection Professionals today for easy navigation through the buying or selling process. We're here to support you every step of the way.

A Few Of Our Happy Customers

The inspection was thorough, the report well written and the service very prompt and thoroughly professional. There were some areas not covered, belonging to other professions, but the generous time given in follow-up phone calls going over the details compensated handsomely. Highly recommended.

Paul P.M.

I needed an inspection done pretty quickly on a house I had put an offer on. This company responded straight away, gave a thorough and comprehensive inspection report which we are able to keep and refer to as we continue to work on our new house. Would recommend!

Brittany C.

I needed a building inspection fast, for a quick settlement on a home i was looking to purchase, Andrew Skinnier was at the house within a couple of days notice, I found him very friendly , thorough and informative, I highly recommend Andrew.

Mary G.

Good and prompt service from a guy named Wayne. Recently bought a place that needed/still needs some work done and it was good to know what parts are in good condition and which aren’t — especially things like tile damage on the roof which aren’t obvious.

David M.

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