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The Jim’s franchise model is a proven business model that has a long history of success. Our division (Building Inspections) boasts a 97% success rate in our franchises! We love what we do, and we love working with our franchisees to maintain such high levels of success.

Our franchisees enjoy working for themselves, choosing when and where they work, meeting financial goals and being able to enjoy the lifestyle they have always wanted!


You get to decide when, where, and how long you work!

Flat Fees

Our fees to increase with your profits! They are flat fees that don’t eat into your profit!

Guaranteed Work

We guarantee $1,500 per week of work is available when you start!

Get Off The Tools

No more long, labour intensive days!

Stop Chasing Money

We get you paid upfront! No more chasing your already earned money!

Call Centre

Never miss a call with our dedicated call centre.

Marketing Team

Not a tech head? Our Adelaide-based marketing team is here to help promote your business!

Why be an inspector?

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What Makes a Successful Franchisee?

First things first, we know how important customer service excellence is to building a successful business. So if you have a passion for customer service, you will be in good company! We are only where we are today, because of our fantastic customer relations. We do not have to simply offer the cheapest price to win jobs, because we offer incredible value. This looks like excellence in customer service as well as in our product. Our Adelaide based team of building inspectors have some of the highest-rated customer service in Australia. Because our team of building inspectors all come from the building industry, and are used to dealing with tradies, we have to make extra sure to be patient with clients who do not understand the lingo and terminology we use daily.

Being able to take time with clients to explain the reports is all part of our quality service! It’s these small things, that stem from those with a passion for excellence in service, and we have found that it all contributes to happy, profitable, franchisees. Excellence in customer service is at the core of everything we expect from our franchisees!

We also know that our most successful franchisees are those who are willing to grab the opportunity presented to them and run with it; learning and developing at any chance they get! What sets us apart from other franchised models in the industry, is how much we diversify our services beyond that of your standard pre-purchase!

We offer training for asbestos, pest and termite, pool safety compliance and more! Those franchisees who complete all the training we have to offer, and are always looking for ways to improve their business are the ones who are the most successful.

Further, as a franchisee of the Jim’s Group, you can expect mentoring, training and advice from your franchisor – who is based in Adelaide! Take this advice on board, and your business will thank you.

We also look for those with industry relevant experience.

While we do provide comprehensive training of our systems and the Australian Standard for Building Inspections (4349.1), this pairs best with those with at least 2 years’ experience in the building sector.

We want to maintain our reputation for industry-leading report quality, and having an experienced building inspections Adelaide team is essential to this! Don’t be too worried though, all our franchisees are accompanied by the regional franchisor for their first few inspections, until they are comfortable.

After this, we make sure to quickly review your reports before they go out and will give you any tips or suggestions. We are not going to throw you in the deep end! You will be trained, guided, and mentored, through the whole process.

Why should I become a franchisee, rather than going alone?

This is a question all our franchisee’s ask before they come on board! You are not alone in asking it! The answer is simple:

  • Access to immense business support
  • $1,500 per week work guarantee

Business Support

One of the greatest values in being a part of Jim’s Building Inspections Adelaide, is that you receive a large amount of business support from our local, Adelaide based, team. Your regional franchisor is a huge asset at your disposal. You are able to call on them for advice on anything from technical building questions, to broader business questions. It is not easy to become a Jim’s Franchisor, and they are held to high standards for the way they treat, mentor and develop their franchisees. Obviously a successful business requires commitment from both parties, but rest assured, your franchisor has a genuine care and vested interest in the success of your franchise! You won’t find this level of support elsewhere!

Further, in Adelaide, we have a dedicated business manager who is able to help with all things sales, marketing, and business development! We know your business goals before you start and, wherever we can, we will make suggestions to get you there! You will also receive a one-on-one call every month just to touch base, see how you are going, flag any potential issues, and look to where improvements can be made. You will never feel like you are going at it alone as a franchisee with us. You’ll even get ideas, advice, and inspiration by our already existing franchisees at our 6-weekly meetings. This is a time for us all to get together in person, have a chat, do some training, and ensure we are all making progress. It’s invaluable to have other business owners in the same position at you, who are able to act as soundboard for ideas. We have an incredible team and team environment. There really isn’t competition between franchisees or animosity. We are all heading in the same direction, and looking to support one another where we can to reach our goals. Again, this is not something you will find anywhere else and is a major benefit of being a Jim’s Building Inspections Adelaide franchisee!

$1500 per week work guarantee

We know that just because you are starting a new business, your mortgage, and other expense, don’t go away!

Because of this, and to help mitigate the impact this has on your ability to live, we offer a $1,500 per week work guarantee for all our franchisees! Basically, if over a 4-week period, you have been engaging in business development activities as we suggest, and you still haven’t averaged at least $1,500 of work, we will provide the make-up! We wouldn’t offer this guarantee if we weren’t confident that this is an attainable goal for your business from the start!

What are the prerequisites for our building inspectors?

In order to preserve our reputation throughout Adelaide as being the company with the most comprehensive and skilled inspectors, we have a few pre-requisites that we look for in potential franchisees.

This includes having one, or more, of the following:

  • Access to immense business support
  • $1,500 per week work guarantee
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We are actively looking for franchisees for the following territories:

  • Port Lincoln
  • Reynella
  • Athlestone
  • Windsor Gardens
  • Elizabeth
  • Athlestone
  • Glenelg
  • Mid-North
  • Norwood
  • Salisbury
  • West Lakes
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  • Port Adelaide

A Few Of Our Happy Customers

The inspection was thorough, the report well written and the service very prompt and thoroughly professional. There were some areas not covered, belonging to other professions, but the generous time given in follow-up phone calls going over the details compensated handsomely. Highly recommended.

Paul P.M.

I needed an inspection done pretty quickly on a house I had put an offer on. This company responded straight away, gave a thorough and comprehensive inspection report which we are able to keep and refer to as we continue to work on our new house. Would recommend!

Brittany C.

I needed a building inspection fast, for a quick settlement on a home i was looking to purchase, Andrew Skinnier was at the house within a couple of days notice, I found him very friendly , thorough and informative, I highly recommend Andrew.

Mary G.

Good and prompt service from a guy named Wayne. Recently bought a place that needed/still needs some work done and it was good to know what parts are in good condition and which aren’t — especially things like tile damage on the roof which aren’t obvious.

David M.

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