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There is usually a great excitement that comes with acquiring land. The excitement is immense when the deal seems better that what was expected and that might cause you to get carried away when planning your build. Something else that might happen is you may forget to verify important details with your builder that may cost you both money and time when the new construction starts. Due to the huge number of resources and time that goes into purchasing a house or a site, it is best you employ the services of a professional inspection service, who will make sure to properly inspect the property and uncover any defect that may have been temporally fixed.

Some builds may look perfect on the surface but might have major defects that need attention.  If you are about to start a building project, the next step is to develop a pre-commencement site inspection checklist or pre-commencement site inspection template. If you are doing a building project for the first time, knowing how to come up with this checklist might not be obvious to you. The good news is that you can hire a professional to develop a pre commencement site inspection checklist for you.

What Information Is Found In A Pre-Commencement Site Inspection Checklist?

Generally, a pre-commencement site inspection checklist or pre-commencement site inspection template is a document that contains the builder or the permit holders name, the builder’s phone number, the street name, the street number, the construction type and details of the project (flat, pool, fence, packing space, etc.) You will also need to answer the following questions:

  • Will the construction affect the kerb, road and foot path in any way?
  • Will the site affect the sewer system?
  • Will the site need scaffolding?
  • Are there any additional power requirements?
  • What are the conditions of the fences around the site?
  • Is there any overhead power cable above the site?
  • What types and sizes of machines will be used on the site?
  • Is there water on the site?

The planned date for project commencement should be indicated on the form. If it is a demolition site, the site must be cleared of debris, asbestos and other rubbish. Clearly indicate the site’s boundary. If you wish to renovate an existing structure on that site, then what is the condition of the building that will not be demolished?

The pre-commencement site inspection template is there to enable you to make the right choice, and perform a comprehensive feasibility study. The pre-commencement site inspection checklist for Adelaide will be a little different from those of other states in Australia. So, be sure to find out the specifics of the checklist in your state.

The pre commencement site inspection template is readily available online. A duplicate file will be made available that you can format to include a company name and logo. After filling all the required data, take pictures of the site. All these sounds like a lot of work, especially for someone who is doing a project for the first time, but fortunately, you can hire a building inspections firm in Adelaide to carry out the survey on your behalf, and save you the stress of inspecting the project from start to finish.

Jim’s Building Inspections will send a professional to the site for on-the-spot assessment to ensure that all standards are met. They can serve as a link between yourself and the construction company to ensure that the desired result is achieved at the completion of the construction. Also, they can check and ensure that the workers on site are licensed and certified.

The other important role they can play is ensure that safety practices are followed. This is important as it will lower the risk of accidents and other hazards that could slow down the progress of your project. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) one in five job-related deaths that occur each year is in construction. In a field where all sorts of serious injuries and even death occurs so frequently, safety must be taken very seriously.  The company you hire will ensure that workers are held accountable and comply with every standard.

In conclusion, it is very important before you start any construction to ensure that you have carried out a detailed inspection of the site. Ensure that you do your best and leave nothing to chance. A professional building service is able to protect your investment by ensuring that everything is done to standard.