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Trying to get rid of a termite infestation can cost a fortune or last an eternity depending on your approach. These pests can be a great trouble to eliminate once they are established and have formed a colony at any location. In Australia alone, up to 180,000 homes get damaged each year by termites. These seemingly innocuous-looking pests can go unnoticed for years as they continue to chew away before the damage they cause gets detected. The damage can be extensive depending on how long the termites have been present prior to detection. The extent of damage will be one of the determining factors for the termite control to be used as well as what termite treatment cost may amount to.

If you want to get onto a termite infestation in time, then you need to learn about the early signs of termites. This can save you from the nightmare of extensive damage.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Termite Treatment

What cost the treatment of termites can attract will depend on several factors but it is impertinent for professionals to pay a visit to the location where the infestation is observed. While there will be termite inspection costs attached to the visits of these professionals, the costs can nonetheless save you from some greater unforeseen costs occasioned by ignorance. Among the cost determining factors for the treatment of termite infestation are the type of the termite, the size of the colony, the location of the damage, and the extent or severity of the damage.

Most professionals will take into consideration the distance they have to cover and the size of the structure or home they are to treat when drawing up the termite inspection cost.  When making a quote for the termite treatment cost of your home or property, the professional will most likely will charge you based on the presence of encouraging factors for the termite infestation like dry or damp wood and the number of treatments that are required for eradicating the termites. Usually, charges are measured per linear foot of any given home or property and this can be between $3 to $16 per metre.

With the different types of termites that may be found in any infestation, there are different types of treatment methods and each of these has its benefits. To get the best result and real value for the cost incurred in termite control, the approach should be, to use the treatment method that best works to eradicate a specific type of termite. Good knowledge of the different types of termite treatments can therefore come in handy even before the arrival of professionals for termite inspection in your home.

Types Of Termite Treatments For Termite Control

Chemical Treatment

These types of treatments come in liquid form and are applied mainly to the exterior parts of the home. Under this category, we have chemicals such as arsenic trioxide, fipronil, imidacloprid permethrin, bifenthrin, and termidor. Chemical timber treatments are best suited to dry-wood termites and the subterranean region, especially where the termites have not taken over the entire building. The process of using chemical treatments involves digging holes and trenches around the building. These chemicals in the right quantity and concentration are then poured into the dug holes and trenches.

Bait Treatment

This option involves the use of poisoned baits to attract and kill termites. As is with chemical treatments, bait treatments are best suited to the subterranean region and dry-wood termites. Holes and trenches are also dug and filled with these baits. Termites that feed on them are poisoned and take bits of the poisoned baits into their colonies, poisoning other termite members as they do so. Your termite treatment cost may be higher here than with the use of chemical treatments but it can be deadly effective.

Fumigation Treatment

This approach is an aggressive form of termite control. The process involves the release of a lethal gas into a building while covering it up with a tent as a safety measure so as not to pollute the air with the deadly gas and for efficacy to terminate the termites. The process can take several hours before completion and all living things including pets and plants need to vacate the building or home for 3-5 days.

Attempting to eradicate a termite colony when already established can be both expensive and frustrating. The first step to guide against termite infestation is through the use of termite barriers. These are checks and props put in place during the architectural design of the building to help ward off or prevent the establishment of a termite colony.  The preventative measure of using termite barriers can be a huge money saver to you as a homeowner. If for any reason you suspect the presence of termites in your home, call Jim’s for an inspection right away. You should also consider subscribing to an annual inspection of termite infestation for your home.

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