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Becoming A Building Inspector

Are you considering making a career shift? Are you looking forward to being employed in the building and construction industry? If this is the case, this article is precisely what you need. It explores the requirements needed for an individual to become a building inspector in Australia.. You will also find out what you can expect in this line of work and what the leading roles of a building inspector entail.

A building inspector is an individual who inspects commercial and residential buildings to make sure that the structures have complied with all regulations and laws put in the region. As a building inspector, you can check a residential or commercial property before or after the construction has been concluded to ensure that buildings are accessible, safe, and structurally sound.

Building inspectors have a great responsibility of ensuring that the people who work and live in any given building are safe. They make sure that all buildings comply with the Australian Standards. A person who is licensed to do building inspection can authoritatively tell if a building is suitable for use and, if not, what can be done to enhance its structural soundness, functionality, and accessibility.

What Does A Building Inspector Do?

The duties of a building inspector need an individual with a great deal of familiarity with the structural and safety requirements that a building should meet to be considered sound for use. A building inspector carries out a thorough inspection of a building while it is being constructed or after construction and generates a detailed assessment of the given building.

If consulting a new building, an inspector can influence the construction and planning stages of a given building project. Therefore, to provide an accurate assessment of a given project, an inspector should be hands-on and operate on-site.

What Is The True Purpose Of A Building Inspection?

Property inspections should be done on both commercial and residential buildings. A building inspection is done to ensure that commercial or residential structures are in compliance with all stipulated legislation and regulations.

It is also done to ensure that the current design is constructed as agreed in the original business plan. A building inspection is also crucial in pointing out any existing defects in a building structure that need rectification.

Is A Building Inspection Important?

As much as the construction and building practices are stringent in Australia, the Building Codes of Australia provide the base standards that have to be obtained for any given building. There are, however, a lot of differences when it comes to building standards between various territories and states. Therefore, this means that a building inspector should be acquainted with the building requirements of the state they are working in.

Identifiable Issues In A Construction Inspection

Putting up a building structure can be a complex task with a lot of issues and aspects involved. Ensuring that the construction is done correctly means a house will be structurally sound. As a building inspector, it will be your job to uncover any defects present in a building during the construction process. Such issues can include:

  • Plumbing defects
  • Poor ventilation
  • Lack of the required fire separation wall
  • Electrical and wiring issues
  • Construction with non-compliant materials
  • Builders using non-compliant procedures and techniques to do their tasks
  • Structural defects with the walls, foundation, roofs, or floors

Duties And Responsibilities Of A Building Inspector

As a building inspector, your job will vary a lot. You can either inspect residential or commercial construction projects. You can also inspect buildings during, pre- or post-building stages. Your role as a building inspector can be:

  • To review any construction plans before breaking ground to ensure compliance with the set regulations and laws.
  • To approve building plans.
  • To carry out an ongoing assessment of a construction site to ensure that it is in compliance with all set building standards.
  • To keep and maintain inspection logs and to give written reports of findings after an inspection.
  • To give violation notices or stop ongoing construction projects.
  • To carry out inspections on major systems such as electrical or plumbing systems to ensure that they are above the required standards.

Is Being A Property Inspector A Good Job?

Being a building and pest inspector in Australia is a gratifying job. It can provide you with a versatile working experience. The nature of the job is investigative, which can be exciting and full of opportunities to explore in your line of duty. You will be required to travel a lot between sites when doing this kind of job. You should also have an excellent working knowledge of various practices and building codes to do your job effectively.

Getting A Building Inspection License In Australia

Whilst to become a Building Inspector in South Australia a builders license is not required, it is preferable in providing your clients with an assurance of your credentials

Many building inspectors obtains this license as they have worked previously in other areas such as electrical, carpentry, or plumbing trades. This gives them an upper hand as they possess an intimate knowledge of the building and construction industry. However, if you don’t have any previous knowledge of the building and construction industry, you should not lose hope.

Period Of Time It Takes To Become A Building Inspector

The duration taken for you to become a fully registered and qualified building inspector will depend on the type of training you underwent and whether you have previous experience in related fields or not. At Jim’s Building Inspections extensive training is included in your franchise fees.

Important Skills To Possess As A Building Inspector

A Good Understanding of Building Codes and Legislation

Being a building inspector does not end with you just finishing your training and getting your license. You will be required to be up to date with your state’s building legislation, standards and codes.

Be Prepared for the Dirty Work

A building inspection is all about investigating any defects on a structure. You will need to crawl and squeeze through tight spaces to check a given building’s electrical connectivity and plumbing systems.

If you aim to be the best building inspector in your domain, you will need to put in the work. If you hate jobs that will get you dirty, then this job is not for you. You will have to learn how to handle dust, mould, check out dirty gutters and drains and climb up into the ceiling.

You Need Social Skills

It is a reality that not everyone enjoys social situations. It is also a reality that you have to have fluent social skills to be a Building inspector. It is not enough to examine a home, write a report, and give it to your client. You also have to deal with frightened, enthusiastic, and emotional clients daily.

Simply put, you will come across clients with very different personalities. Therefore, as a building inspector, it is critical to have the ability to express any issues you come across in your inspection properly. It is also probable to encounter the occasional disagreement, so you need to know how to handle it properly and gently. As a building inspector, your communication skills with clients are fundamental.

You Need Good Report Writing Skills

Detailed reports assist your customers in understanding all aspects of the problems discovered in their property. When doing reports, you must not only explain the facts of the defects, but you must also provide an evaluation describing the severity of the building’s problems and the urgency with which they must be repaired.

You will also need to fully describe, in writing, several possibilities for fault correction. If writing is not your strongest suit and you think that you might struggle to produce a detailed inspection report, you might want to rethink pursuing a job as a building inspector.

You Need a Conscience

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. How would you feel if your building inspector was in haste to do an assessment and overlooked a serious defect causing you to lose thousands of dollars? Because all your customers deserve good services, you need to spend as much time as possible while carrying out a building inspection to guarantee that you thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny.

Pursue A Career As A Building Inspector

Being a building inspector entails much more than simply going around and inspecting properties; you are responsible for the livelihoods and prospects of your clients, which is why it is crucial to devote yourself to being thorough and honest. If you create your building inspection career on these principles, you are guaranteed to build a large client base.

To be a good building inspector, you need to prove your skills or knowledge in the building and construction trade. An ability in engineering or mathematics is an advantage in this profession.

If you find that you possess the requirements mentioned above, it is time to pursue your career as a building inspector in Australia. Visit our website and contact us at managersa@jimsbuildinginspections.com.au for more information.

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