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You can end up with a home or property which has its structural integrity compromised when you bypass 3rd party building inspectors. While the temptation to avoid inspections on a new construction is irresistible, you should never fall into that trap. If you do, you can end up with a costly list of defects in your brand-new property.

There is a misconception that new buildings are free from defects and therefore home inspection on new construction is not necessary. Maybe it will be easier for you to appreciate the need for new construction inspection if you have an understanding of what it means or if you know someone whose dream home turned into a nightmare.

What Is New Construction Inspection?

New construction inspections refer to a professionally structured evaluation of quality and installations of a new building from foundation to handover. From when a building foundation is laid, to when it is completed, many things can go wrong. And these things (defects) can be difficult to detect without a professional stage inspection process that is staggered to cover different construction milestones.

You might have hired the best builder to work on your project and you are wondering why you should hire an extra eye to ‘snitch’ on your contractor.  It is not about a lack of trust for your contractor. Home inspection is about protecting your most valuable investment.

If you are buying a brand-new home, the excitement can make you ignore the need to involve a professional home purchase inspector to evaluate if the home meets the required standards and tolerances. You are also likely to assume that the home has been inspected or that a new home is free from defects.

Do not assume that the construction company/contractor is organised and efficient. Do not assume that the property owner or real estate agent already coordinated the home inspection. And do not assume that new homes are free from defects. If you make these assumptions, your dream home/property can turn into a nightmare.

What Is The Scope Of A New Construction Inspection?

Construction inspections carried out by professional building inspectors entail checking foundations and slab, exterior and interior walls, roofing, cladding, ceilings, fixtures and fittings, among others. This ensures that your construction workmanship is satisfactory and that your building meets Australian standards and tolerances.

Broadly, new construction inspections entail:

  • Foundation inspection to make sure the excavation and grading is properly done
  • Frame stage inspectionto ensure that footers and anchors are set well for a structurally sound building
  • Slab inspection
  • Pre-plaster which involves checking plumbing, wiring, beams, and window flashing before plastering
  • Pre-paint which involves fixing any noted problems before painting
  • Practical completion inspection which is scheduled when your building is completed
  • Property inspection report which includes all defects, unsatisfactory work and recommendations

Should I Trust A New Construction Inspection Report From My Builder?

Have you ever asked yourself why building inspectors from the Adelaide building department must always carry out routine construction inspections whether or not the construction company involved is highly rated?

Even though the building department inspects every new construction project in Adelaide, the surge in real estate has likely overstretched their capacity to carry out a detailed inspection. Their focus may lean more towards checking compliance than defects. So many defects may be missed during the various stage inspections done by the building inspectors from Adelaide building department.

Sometimes when you want to purchase a home, the property developers or real estate agents may give you an assurance that all is well. Do not listen to them. They will tell you that they have already brought reputable home inspectors on site, so you do not need to hire another home purchase inspector. Always remember conflict of interest is real.

It is very unlikely that the property developer or the real estate agent will hire a competent home inspection firm to investigate their work. And even if they do, chances of a compromised property inspection report will be high.

And so, if you listen to them and take their word, you end up with a brand-new home or property with a myriad of structural and installation defects and that do not comply with Australia’s building standards. Woe is to you, if by the time you detect defects on your new construction, the contractor has already handed over the property to you or you have already completed the purchase process. The contractor or the property developer/agent will often dispute your findings. Following the legal process to find a solution and readdress defects is often a lengthy and draining endeavour.

So then, who do you turn to for your new construction inspection in the current circumstances when:

  • The capacity of the local building department to provide detailed home inspection may be limited by the surge in real estate business.
  • The potential conflict of interest compromises the validity of inspection report given by property developers or real estate agents.

All you need to do is to find an independent building inspector. When your builder knows that an independent inspector is involved in the new construction, they will deliver greater construction work. Most contractors do not welcome involvement of 3rd party inspectors though. So, before you hire one, make sure their warranties and guarantees include provisions for allowing inspections by a 3rd party.

Who Is A 3rd Party Building Inspector?

A 3rd party building inspector is an independent party that you hire to carry out your construction inspections. 3rd party building inspectors provide inspection services to individuals seeking to buy a home, contractors, property developers, real estate agents or local building departments.

Hiring a 3rd party to do independent new construction inspections for you helps to reduce or eliminate potential monetary costs or legal liabilities that may result from your new construction defects. Because 3rd party inspectors are likely to be current on construction codes, standards and techniques, they deliver professionally detailed property inspection.

Trusted 3rd Party Building Inspectors In Australia

If you are building your dream home or developing an investment property in Adelaide, professional staged inspection from slab to handover by a company like Jim’s Property Inspections is necessary.

They are one of Adelaide’s most trusted 3rd party construction inspectors, delivering unmatched new construction inspections undertaken in 4 elaborate stages from slab to handover.

Adelaide building inspectors will professionally handle any hiccups along your construction journey. By contacting them, you can avoid building defects that may make it challenging to find a buyer for your property or land you into a protracted legal battle.

By having a 3rd party building inspector involved, you won’t get stuck finding even the smallest unintentional defects in your building. A good building inspector will cultivate a respectful working relationship between themselves and your builders to deliver a property you will be proud to own.

Good Property Inspection Services For Your New Construction In Australia

  • Are registered and licensed
  • Only hire the best building inspectors in the industry
  • Provide the best inspection reports in the market
  • Work with qualified home purchase inspectors who ensure you purchase a home devoid of any defects
  • Make sure you get the property that you paid for that meets Australia’s construction code and standards
  • Carry out a professional staged inspection in 4 elaborate stages from slab to handover that guarantee you a property that is up to standard
  • Have extensive knowledge of exterior and interior structures and we can easily identify any defects or work that does not comply with construction standards

Always remember that construction inspections carried out before handover is very important. If you are yet to hire a contractor for your new construction or yet to complete your new home purchase, ensure that you settle for a contractor or agent that will allow you to hire a competent independent 3rd party inspector.

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