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An energy efficient home, whilst helping the environment, can also save you loads. Here’s a few tips for both home owners and those who are building to consider when trying to achieve an energy efficient home.

Plant a greater number of trees around you home

This tip is great for all homes, but particularly for older homes with substandard insulation. Foliage can block infrared radiation that would usually heat up ones home during summer, whilst in winter bare branches will allow more of this radiation to transpire through. This natural insulation is particularly useful in a country like Australia where the extremely hot climate leaves Australian’s spending $3.6 billion on air conditioning in summer alone.

Avoid using multiple refrigerators

Whilst it can be tempting to use an old refrigerator as a beer fridge or too store excess food, however refrigerators are expensive to run! Old refrigerators can cost $50 to $150 to run annually, however newer refrigerators equipped with modern technology can be as cheap as $30-$60 per year to run.

Make sure your walls are well insulated

Effective insulation slows the rate that heat enters your home in summer, whilst also reducing the rate in which it exits your house during the winter. Including quality insulation during your build may be a short term loss, but ultimately in a climate such as Australia’s it pays in the long term to take every measure possible towards reducing your air condition bill.

Replace old windows

As per most old features in homes, old windows are not energy efficient. Old windows can cause your home to lose a lot of cool air during the summer months and warm air during the winter months. Double panel windows and other vinyl frames are much better than single-pane windows and aluminum frames, and tinted windows are another measure towards energy efficiency.

Cook more efficiently

Some house holds waste an enormous amount of energy whilst cooking. Whilst most the ways to reduce energy in the kitchen come down to common sense, some simple tricks include; using lids on pots and pans, and using pressure cookers.

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