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One of the greatest problems that you can face in your home or building in Adelaide, SA is termite infestation. Termites can invade your building, causing massive damages. To ensure your property is never infested by these creatures, regular inspections are necessary. With regular termite inspections, it is easy to detect signs of termites before the infestation escalates. This article offers the significant benefits of performing annual termite inspections, why you should entrust the best pest inspection company, and how the process is conducted.

Why Should You Perform Annual Termite Inspections?

If you are purchasing a building or a home, it is advisable to look at its condition through arranging for building and pest inspection. You need to check whether your desired property is infested with pests. Termite inspections help ensure that the property is free of these nuisance creatures.

If there are signs of termite infestation, your seller should take the proper steps to eliminate them before you close the deal. This saves you the cost of treating the termites after you buy the home or the building. It also ensures that you buy a property that is in good condition. Below are some of the benefits of performing both pre-purchase Building Inspections and annual termite inspections.

Saves On Termite Treatment Cost

Termite infestation is costly to treat. Therefore, if you allow your building or home in Adelaide SA to be invaded by termites, you will end up spending a lot of money and time dealing with the infestation. Regular termite inspections go a long way in helping you to avoid the high termite treatment costs involved.

Inspections make it easy for you to detect minor signs of termites. You can then take the right action before the infestation escalates. Besides, the damage caused by termites is costly to repair. Therefore, by carrying out annual termite inspections, you save a lot of money and time in the long run.

Helps Prevent Major Termite Problems

A termite inspection helps reveal minor infestations. It is important to note that your home can be infested with termites without realizing it. Termite inspections help ensure the property is free of these nuisance creatures. Your termite control service offers a comprehensive report showing the current condition of the building. If there are signs of termite infestation, your seller takes the proper steps to eliminate them before you close the deal. This saves you the cost of treating the termites after you buy the home or the building. It also helps you buy a property that is in perfect condition.

Preserve The Value Of Your Building Or Home

The damage caused by termites lowers the value of your property. Annual termite inspections help protect the value of your property. The detailed report allows early detection before the insects can cause any damage. If you intend on selling your home or building in Adelaide, SA, a detailed report increases its value. With no pests in your home, you can also expect it to fetch willing buyers fast. This also reduces your marketing costs.

Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Regular termite inspections give you peace of mind because you are sure that your property is free from these pests. This assures you that your home is free from damages caused by these insects. You can have peace of mind knowing your furniture and other pieces of wooden materials are secure.

Helps Create A Schedule

The other great thing about termite inspection is that if you discover an infestation, you can plan repeated inspections to ensure you never face termite issues. This also helps you sell your home because you can show the termite inspection record to potential buyers.

Promote Health

Termites cause various health problems such as asthma attacks and allergic reactions. With annual termite inspections, you are sure that your home provides a healthy living environment for its occupants.

Benefits Of Hiring A Termite Inspector

Performing termite inspection requires great skills and experience. With your limited knowledge in this field, you may end up doing sub-standard work. Thus, you should hire a pest control company to help you do the inspection. Yes, termite inspection costs money, but you get value for the money spent in the process. The professionals have the expertise and create a fully customised termite inspection plan. Below you will find some of the reasons why you should hire a termite control service for the inspection.

Availability Of State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Pest control companies invest in state-of-the-art equipment for termite inspections. Some of the tools needed to perform the inspection are costly. Besides that, they also require high-level skills to use. With your limited knowledge, you may not be able to use this type of equipment.

It also allows you to save money since you do not have to invest in your own equipment. As a result, working with a professional is a more cost-effective option. With their high-tech equipment, you are also assured of accuracy and high-level efficiency.

Saves On Time

With a termite inspection service, you save on time. You do not have to waste time inspecting your building or home yourself. You can sit down and relax, knowing that you will get high-quality inspection services. You can then utilize the time saved to do other productive tasks in your home or business. The fact they have all the right equipment and skills allows them to finish the job fast.

Apply The Latest Termite Inspection Technology

Pest inspection methods have advanced and changed at a fast rate. A termite inspection service understands all these methods and applies the latest ones for your project. By applying the latest techniques, it means you get better results. They also finish the job fast, thus offering you high-level convenience in your home.

Offer Professional Advice

Jim’s Building Inspections Adelaide in Adelaide, SA will offer you professional advice on how you can control infestation in your home or building. They offer valuable insights on how you can make your home free of termites. Moreover, they will show you some of the simple methods to eliminate the termites in case of an infestation.

Get A Comprehensive Termite Inspection Report

When the inspection team completes the work, they prepare a well-detailed report. The report will show you the condition of your building or home in terms of termite and other pest infestation. You can use this report when selling the property to assure your potential buyers it is in perfect condition. This makes it attractive and fetches a high price in the market.

Perform Follow-Ups

Today you may not have termites in your house, but tomorrow might be a different story. The infestation can occur unexpectedly and by the time you realize it, it’s too late. However, when you work with a termite inspection service, they offer follow-up services. They will create a schedule to do the inspection work. Therefore, they can detect any infestation on time before it becomes a major issue in your home or building.

Quick Elimination Of Termites

When the professionals realize that there is an infestation in your home or building, they not only give the report but also take drastic action to ensure that the termites are eliminated immediately. They apply the most effective and safest method to get rid of the insects before the infestation gets out of hand. The professionals offer long-lasting solutions to pest problems.

How To Carry Out A Termite Inspection

Below are the steps that you will follow when carrying out a termite inspection:

  • Schedule the inspection with your pest control company in Adelaide, SA. Set up the date and time for the work.
  • Prepare your home for inspection. Ensure that the professionals access critical areas such as the garage, attic, sink, or crawl space. Remove all items from these areas to make the process easy.
  • Your termite inspector will then check the exterior and interior of your house for signs of termite activity. The signs will include wings shed by the termites and mud tubes. The inspector will look at both high and low places for either drywood and subterranean termites.
  • As soon as the inspection work is done, the inspector creates a report on what they find, how to help get rid of the insects, and a quote for the termite treatment if required.

It is important to note that the time it takes to complete the termite inspection depends on the level of accessibility of your woodwork and property size. Generally, it may take about 45 minutes.

What To Check For During Termite Inspections

When doing the inspection, the inspector will check for several indicators of a termite or pest infestation. These signs include:

  • Mud Tubes: The presence of mud tubes indicates that there is an infestation of subterranean termites. They create these tubes, which act as superhighways to connect the nests to wooden materials. The tubes also protect them from predators and ensure they do not get dehydrated.
  • Wood Damage: Termites cause severe damage to wooden materials. If the wood is damaged, it will sound hollow. They also leave the wood crushed and rippled.
  • Swarms: The presence of swarms is an indication of a severe termite infestation. They move when the weather gets warmer to create new colonies. As they move, they drop their wings, mostly leaving them in piles. Other signs to check for during the termite inspection process include buckling paint and frass.

An annual termite inspection is essential for any building or home. It is a valuable process that saves you a lot of resources in the long run. Jim’s Building Inspections, can help you get value from the entire process. For the best results, make sure that you hire a reputable and vastly experienced service provider, such as Jim’s.