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Are you planning to build or buy a new home in Adelaide? There are many things to keep in mind. However, the most critical thing is to make sure you have a home that is in perfect condition and meets industry standards. Therefore, you need to perform a handover inspection. A professional building inspection of this kind will allow you to find out whether the builder completed the job as required and show you the quality of the home you paid for with your hard-earned cash. Your inspector will also help ensure that the whole task is done to your satisfaction. Let us now look further at what handover inspection entails.  

Benefits Of Carrying Out Handover Inspections In Adelaide

Guarantee You Are Buying A Quality Home

With a handover report performed by a qualified inspector in Adelaide, you can be sure you are buying a high-quality home. You will have peace of mind knowing that your new home is free of damages and that you are investing in a property that is up to the mark.

Receive Unbiased Evaluation

When you carry handover inspections, you get an unbiased report. The report is created by a professional that is neither related to you nor the builder. They give fair assessments without hiding any defects. If they come across any damages or defects, you can use the report provided to ask the builder to fix and repair them.

Receive Recommendations

The handover inspection report gives you recommendations that you need before signing the final agreement. Your inspector will provide you with insights on what needs completion before you can buy the home. The report provided includes all issues that need rectification before you can close the deal.

Uncover The Bigger Picture

The inspection allows you to understand the real impact and nuances of your investment. It is possible to fall in love with a building based on its external appearance. However, there is a possibility that the house has serious issues carefully hidden by the attractive exterior. You may end up being frustrated and disappointed if you buy a home without the proper inspection. By performing a pre-handover inspection, you understand clearly what you are buying or the investment you are making.

Helps You Get An Insurance Cover

If you want to insure your new home, you should book a handover inspection in Adelaide. Note that many insurance companies will not insure your home if it has any issues or defects. With the proper assessment, all the problems are detected and fixed to allow you to get the right insurance policy.

What Is Included In The Handover Report?

A handover inspection report provides you with well-detailed information on your final building work. The inspectors use a checklist that helps them determine if the construction and workmanship of the project are done according to the set Australian code. Your inspector takes note of all defects and issues in understandable language. They also include photos of all the mentioned items. You have a clear idea of all issues associated with your new home. You can use the handover report to hold discussions with your builder. You have a basis for arguing and negotiating for any fixing needed before you can occupy the new home. If there is a dispute with the builder, you can use the report in the dispute resolution process.

What To Check For When Carrying Out A Handover Inspection

Handover inspections cover all areas in your new home. It includes items like:

  • Roof cover
  • Cabinets and wardrobe
  • Staircases
  • Internal and external walls
  • Ceilings and floorings
  • Fencing and outbuildings
  • Insulation and roof framework
  • Decks, balconies, and patios
  • Automatic garage doors

How To Choose A Pre-Handover Inspector

To get the desired results, you need to ensure that the handover inspection is done right. It is essential to conduct a thorough search to get the best inspector in Adelaide to help you in the process. Make sure you work with a qualified handover inspector in the industry. Make sure you get a reputable inspection company known to offer unbiased and reliable home inspection reports. Moreover, look for a company that will offer the most affordable price for reliable inspection services.

Why Should You Choose The Best Handover Inspection In Adelaide?

The pre-handover inspection plays a very important role in your decision to purchase a building. Therefore, you should ensure that you get the best inspectors in Adelaide to do the job. With the right inspector, the inspection job is completed on time and done comprehensively. You are sure that all defects, regardless of their size, will be detected during the process. Professional inspectors invest in the right tools and technology for the job. They are focused on details to ensure you get a report you can 100 per cent rely on. It saves you time since you do not have to check the new home yourself. With your limited handover inspection knowledge, you are bound to make great mistakes and buy a substandard home.

It is also important to work with licensed inspectors since most insurance companies and building authorities only accept reports from recognized inspectors. Moreover, there are cost benefits involved when working with a building inspector. You get a reliable report that shows the actual condition of the home. With a handover inspection, you only pay when you are sure that the home meets your standards. It ensures that you avoid losses you would have otherwise incurred by buying a home with many defects that would later require expensive repairs.

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