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Builders warranty

Builder's warranty inspections ensure that a property meets the standards of the building process. They are conducted during the warranty period, usually 6 to 12 months after construction. Our experienced inspectors identify any major defects, safety hazards, or structural issues.

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Professional builder's warranty inspections

We provide a comprehensive report with descriptions, pictures, and insights. We offer flexible scheduling options and excellent customer service. Trust Jim's Building Inspections Adelaide for your warranty inspections in Adelaide. We have knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellent service at a competitive price. Get the confidence and peace of mind you deserve.

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Why choose our builder's warranty inspections

We pride ourselves on offering Builder's Warranty Inspections in Adelaide that go above and beyond to ensure the highest level of professionalism and accuracy. Our inspections are comprehensive, covering major defects, minor defects, structural defects, and safety hazards, ensuring that every aspect of the property is thoroughly assessed. With decades of experience in the building industry, our inspectors possess the expertise to identify any issues that may arise during the warranty period. We provide detailed reports with descriptions, coloured pictures, and valuable insights, allowing our clients to make informed decisions about their properties. We prioritise excellent customer service, offering flexible scheduling options and keeping our clients informed throughout the reporting process. When it comes to Builder's Warranty Inspections, choose Jim's Building Inspections for peace of mind and invaluable expertise.

For all types of properties

Our experienced inspectors conduct thorough assessments to help identify major defects, minor defects, structural defects, and safety hazards. These inspections ensure that the property meets government and building regulations, allowing our clients to make informed decisions about their purchase. With our comprehensive reports and excellent customer service, you can trust us to provide valuable insights and help you navigate the complexities of the building industry.

Meet government building regulations

At Jim's Building Inspections, Adelaide, we understand the importance of meeting government and building regulations when it comes to builder's warranty inspections. Non-compliance can have serious consequences, including legal claims and financial repercussions. Builders must adhere to specific regulations such as obtaining development approval and following the Building Rules. In South Australia, there are government regulations for domestic building works and statutory warranties for residential buildings that must be met. Real estate agents also play a role, requiring builders to provide a Certificate of Insurance. Building Indemnity Insurance is another crucial requirement for building work contractors in South Australia. By ensuring that these regulations are met, we can help protect you from potential legal and financial issues while providing you with thorough and reliable builder's warranty inspections.

Qualified and experienced warranty inspectors

When it comes to builder's warranty inspections in Adelaide, qualified and experienced building inspectors are crucial. We have the necessary qualifications, licences, and decades of experience in the building sector. Our comprehensive reports and in-depth knowledge of warranties and regulations help buyers make informed decisions. Our building inspectors can identify major and minor defects, safety hazards, and structural issues, providing peace of mind for homeowners and buyers. Our team of qualified and experienced building inspectors at Jim's Building Inspections ensures a professional and high-standard inspection process with excellent customer service.

Learn more about our Termite Inspections
At Jim's Building Inspections Adelaide, we understand the importance of regular termite inspections for both homes and businesses to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the property. 

Comprehensive reporting with detailed information

At Jim's Building Inspections in Adelaide, we provide a comprehensive report for Builder's Warranty Inspections that covers all aspects of the property's condition. Our experienced inspectors thoroughly document any major defects, minor defects, and structural defects that are found during the inspection process. We also include detailed information on any timber pest infestations or safety hazards that are noted. To ensure clarity and transparency, we provide coloured pictures with the report to show the detailed findings. With our detailed and informative reports, you can make an informed decision about your property purchase and have peace of mind knowing the true condition of the building.

Convenient & easy for you

Our inspectors thoroughly inspect buildings and sites, identifying any faults or defects. We provide detailed reports to our clients, giving them valuable insights into the property's condition. These inspections are important for informed purchase decisions and peace of mind. Our commitment to customer service and prompt report delivery sets us apart. Jim's Building Inspections Adelaide is the trusted choice for building and pest inspections in Adelaide, with our range of services and decades of experience.