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Would you be comfortable working or doing business in a building that has not been inspected? Definitely not! It is like driving a car overdue for service. Chances are something could go wrong, putting your safety at risk or costing you money to fix. A commercial property inspection helps ensure that professionals and businesses operate in a safe environment.

What Does A Commercial Building Inspector Do?

A commercial building inspector is a professional who inspects commercial buildings to assess their general condition. They typically examine the framing, electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, and cooling, among other critical components such as fire protection systems. Hiring an expert building inspector to inspect your commercial building ensuring that your investment is protected. A qualified inspector will not only provide valuable insight into the state of your property but also offer suggestions on how to maintain its structural safety and integrity over time. By inspecting, you will be taking all of the guesswork out of maintaining your business infrastructure and ensuring that it remains up to code for years to come.

Qualifications For Commercial Building Inspectors

A qualified inspector is skilled in building inspections and can therefore deliver reliable and professional service. To qualify as a building inspector, one must have at least three years of experience in the building industry.

Common Types Of Commercial Property Inspections

There are several types of commercial building inspections applicable to both new and old structures. To know which one is right for you, consult an expert building inspector who will explain all your options, so you decide the ideal inspection for your project.

  • Pre purchase Inspection: Performed on older properties that are not used much. Such buildings have been idle for a while and may need some maintenance work.
  • New Construction Inspection: Conducted on newly built buildings and covers the entire structure. The inspection also includes an evaluation of the materials or equipment brought onsite during construction.

Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

Building inspectors check each part of a building to identify any structural flaws or potential hazards that need to be addressed before issuing an occupancy permit. The inspection involves taking measurements of spaces where the occupants of a building could get trapped if there was an emergency like the stairway. Identifying possible fire hazards such as combustible materials and electrical wiring is also part of their duty.

Why Hire A Commercial Property Inspector?

It does not matter how big or small your company is. Every business has to protect its employees and customers from harm. The reputation of your company could suffer if there were any safety hazards on your premises. Therefore, it is better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to building inspections. Have your commercial property inspected for peace of mind knowing that it is safe and up to code. During the inspection a building inspector will help you detect faults and fix them to avoid costly or even deadly incidences later.

A commercial building is a place full of property, that often buzzes with activity. Not inspecting it for defects puts its possessions and occupants at risk. Besides safety, since buying a commercial property is a significant investment, it is crucial to have a pre-purchase commercial building inspection to discover any issues before the deal is finalised.