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Building Inspections in Yatala Vale, SA

Everyone in Yatala Vale deserves to stay, work in or use a building that is safe, functional and durable. However, this can be extremely difficult to determine, especially if you do not have the right tools, equipment, expertise and experience. The best part is that you can hire professionals to handle every aspect of a building’s inspection. They will check every corner and crevice of the building in question and hence can spot any defects, infestations or detect the presence of any hazardous materials.
If you have a building or structure in Yatala Vale that requires comprehensive inspection, we at Jim’s Building Inspections can help you out. We have a team of outstanding building inspectors that have a lot of experience in the industry. These usually use state of the art equipment that guarantees unparalleled precision and optimal results. After the inspection, our experts will issue you with a detailed report of the property that has been inspected. Some of the services we offer include;

New Construction Inspections

Whether you are putting up your dream Yatala Vale home or you are just developing your investment, it is very vital to ensure that the builders are doing the right thing.

However, if you do not have what it takes to ensure that this is being done, we can help. Our company will provide you with independent staged building inspections by a team of experienced, reliable and independent building inspectors who will ensure that your builders are adhering to the highest standard of quality and professionalism.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you have ever done it, you know that purchasing a home is an extreme financial commitment for anyone to make. If you don’t want to gamble with an investment, you can get our highly trained, experienced and dedicated building inspectors to help with the inspection of any property before buying it. This will, in turn, save you the agony of having to incur thousands of dollars in repair costs. Even if you are selling your home, it's good to know what may come up. When inspecting, we may conduct a:
a) Roofing space inspection
b) Sub-floor space inspection
c) Interior and exterior inspection
d) Complete property inspection

Asbestos Inspections & More

If you have a property that was constructed before 1990, it must be checked for the presence of asbestos before any renovation is done or before purchasing it. The best thing is that with our comprehensive asbestos inspection, we can find exactly where the asbestos is located. Even if you are planning to sell your Yatala Vale home, our experts will also inform you of the condition it is in as well as the danger it could pose to the occupants or users of the building and then recommend the best course of action for you to take.

You can also count on Jim’s Building Inspections to provide you with; tand pest inspections, industrial and commercial building inspections, pre-auction building inspections, pool compliance statements as well as dilapidation reports. The best thing about choosing our company is that our team is comprised of skilled and dedicated inspectors that employ the latest industry techniques and technologies such as thermal imaging to deliver the best results. So if you need a pre-sale building inspection or even a rental property inspection, our services are timely and affordable. Book your inspection with Jim's today!

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