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The property market in Adelaide continues to show signs that it will continue its growth streak for some time. For those residing in the Adelaide Hills area, also known as the city of churches, everyone's focus is currently on the property market. This article is for you if you're looking for suburbs to invest in or live in. Here, we'll take you through some of the best Adelaide hills suburbs to live in.

Statistics in 2021 showed that the prices of properties in South Australia increased by 21.4%. In addition, Adelaide's median dwelling value increased to more than $500,000, making it the third most affordable Australian capital city, only behind Darwin and Perth.

Adelaide Hills Suburbs To Live In

Adelaide is considered the most liveable city in Australia and the third most liveable city in the world. With that being said, mentioned below are some of the best suburbs to reside in Adelaide Hills.


This is one of the top options for young families and even executives, mainly because of its proximity to the city and availability of different amenities. Welland is located 15 minutes away from neighbouring beaches and only 5 km from Adelaide CBD (Central Business District).

Another interesting thing is that it lies in close proximity to the city-fringe Bowden, which opened in 2022. Welland has a range of amenities, including the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and the University of Adelaide.

Aldinga Beach

Another great suburb in Adelaide Hills to live in is Aldinga beach, located in the outer southern suburb of Adelaide in South Australia. Aldinga Beach is located only 50 minutes from Adelaide CBD, and today, it's mostly regarded as the prime hotspot for anyone considering beachside living in South Australia.


Most of the locals in this region consider it to be chic and cosmopolitan. Unley lies only five minutes away from the CBD, and it's within the heart of Adelaide. It offers great appeal to investors all over the country. A great reason to consider living in this suburb is that it provides basic amenities, including requisite cafes, shops, and other services spanning Unley Roads and King William.

Another thing worth noting about Unley is that it offers a high homeownership rate, with most families staying put for many years. It's also an excellent option for investors as they can easily secure multiple tenants, which is not the case in some other regions. In 2022, most property investors benefited from over 35% capital gains, with the value expected to skyrocket in 2023.


Millswood is also an excellent option for anyone looking to invest in Adelaide Hills, only ten minutes from Adelaide CBD and located in the south of Adelaide. One of the exciting things about Millswood is that it has access to a good selection of services and shops.

You can find these along Goodwood Road, as well as the upmarket shopping strip of King William Road within Hyde Park. For investors, it's worth noting that this is a great region to enjoy substantial capital gains.

Eden Hills

This suburb has city views and a great combination of peace and tranquillity in the country. Locals consider this suburb a region that has it all, thanks to its proximity to universities, hospitals, and other amenities. It is only 15 km south of Adelaide CBD and a region that offers high rental house yield.


Here's a location that lies at the foothills of the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. It lies only 10 minutes from Adelaide CBD and offers a range of precincts and facilities, including the Parade at Norwood and Burnside Village.

This place is excellent for different lifestyles and families looking for a place to live. Statistics show that Burnside's median house price growth increased by 18% over the past few years, with the value expected to double in 2023.


One of the main selling points of this location is that it lies in open spaces, and its views span over the Gulf of St Vincent. Glenelg is located 20 minutes away from Adelaide CBD, and it's an excellent destination for young people.

The main reason this is an excellent destination for investors is the ocean view it offers. Another drawcard is that it lies close to the unit market, mainly filled during holidays and other festive seasons.

Fulham Gardens

Also 10km away from Adelaide CBD on the west and between St Vincent Gulf and River Torrens, the Fulham Gardens is seen as a hidden gem by locals, and this is primarily for a range of qualities it possesses. These include the peaceful nature it offers and the high feeling of safety and maintenance of features.


Another great suburb in Adelaide is Hackham, which lies east of Christie's Beach, and is 45 minutes away from Adelaide CBD. Hackham is also 15 minutes away from the wine and beach region of McLaren Vale. The suburb offers impressive capital gains for investors and is an area that promises great potential for rapid future growth.

Sellicks Beach

The last suburb on this list is Sellicks Beach, which is considered a place for pristine beach living with winding hills, and rugged cliff faces. Sellicks Beach is 60 km from Adelaide CBD, a quiet area for people who like to live in quiet regions. It's also an excellent option for people who are about to retire or raise a family.

Sellicks Beach is serviced by two major supermarkets, with Aldinga only 8km away. In addition, it's also an excellent option for investors, with a steady median house price growth increase over the past few years.

Reasons To Consider Living In Adelaide's Suburbs

With the best Adelaide Hills suburbs described above, you might wonder why you should consider living in any of these options. Here are some of the reasons to keep in mind:


The first reason to consider is that Adelaide suburbs are amongst the most affordable places to live in, unlike other areas in Australia. In general, living costs and prices of houses are generally reasonable in the suburbs. Also, property prices are lower, unlike in Melbourne, Sydney, and other regions.

In Adelaide's suburbs, you have many options, ranging from affordable single households to high-quality apartments. You get to start living in your new home without putting yourself under so much financial stress. Suburbs remain the most affordable options to consider if you want to buy a house.

Friendly climate

Another reason you should consider living in Adelaide's suburbs is its conducive climate, with pleasant weather all year round. Interestingly, there are fantastic beaches near some of the suburbs mentioned above. Some beaches you should visit include Glenelg, Brighton, and Port Noarlunga. You also have Normanville, Port Elliot, Moonta Bay, and Kangaroo Island to explore.

Unique food

Another factor that attracts most people to Adelaide's suburbs is the region's fantastic food. Food is also more affordable in the suburbs than in some other areas. There are also many eateries and multicultural options in the suburbs, and you can be sure to find food options that suit your preference.

Convenient transport options

Adelaide suburbs have an impressive transport network with different transportation services available. The standard option that people use when moving from the city to the suburb is the bus option. In addition to the availability of different transport options, it's worth noting that transportation in the suburbs is also affordable.

Availability of educational institutions

Another great reason you should consider living in Adelaide's suburbs is the availability of different educational institutions that are close to the suburbs. These institutions all offer an excellent quality of education.

From primary schools to colleges and universities, you can rest assured that you'll find the best schools in these regions. There are also hospitality schools in the suburbs, which is excellent for families with children, and old adults.

Find A Good Home In Adelaide Hills Suburbs

There are some great Adelaide Hills suburbs to live in, whether you're a single person looking for a small apartment just for yourself or a family looking for a new home. When it comes to getting a new place, there are many factors to look out for besides the safety of the area, cost of living, and aesthetics of the property.

It is vital to have the building professionally inspected to identify any current issues or issues that may arise in the future that could affect your safety and comfort while living in that place. Be sure to contact a building inspector before paying for your new home.

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