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Most everyday people, without any building experience have absolutely no way of telling whether their builder is delivering them the quality job they have promised. Building a house is often the biggest investment one will make in their life and it seems absurd to put all faith in a builder without any supervision at all! With the building industry flat out supervisors commonly supervising numerous builds at once, just having a building inspector signed up to oversee the works usually ensures that the builder takes greater care and only utilises trades that they can trust to do a good job the first time around.

During construction there is only one chance to repair problems in the build and that is prior to the problem getting covered up and forgotten about. A building inspection checks the dwelling at different stages of the building progress, identifying items which require rectification by the builder. Faults that we commonly pick up on in new builds include:
1. Bowed walls.
2. Brickwork not complying with the Australian Standards
3. A solar array designed for the wrong side of the roof.
4. Unacceptable water proofing practices pre-tiling.
5. Inadequate tying down of the roof frame.
6. Toilet safety hinges missing
7. We are always picking up loads of appearance defects relating to paint finishes, dents and scratches to Colourbond gutters and roofs, doors not operating correctly, insulation not placed correctly just to mention a few.

As you can see, you can’t afford not to have your new home inspected, especially with the high-pressure builders are under due to the increased demand for houses. But furthermore, you must ensure you hire a reputable and reliable building inspector. Some inspection companies are cheap for a reason, no qualifications, no Insurance, no experience. We are a nationally backed company with extremely high standards for our team who are made up of licensed builders, Engineers, and other professionals. Highly trained in this field and skilled to ensure that your dream investment does not turn into a nightmare.

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