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All home construction and remodels must undergo a building inspection. The purpose of a building inspection is to verify that the approved minimum safety requirements are fulfilled.

The following are not guaranteed by a thorough building inspection:

  • Exceptional attention to detail and workmanship
  • Unforeseeable future problems
  • Specialist items
  • Other maintenance and nonstructural items

If your business or residential building’s inspection goes well, you may be confident in the following:

  • In order to keep you secure, Australian standards are complied.
  • The structure was constructed in compliance with the authorized construction and structural requirements.
  • That all work has been done legally with a permit and that all safety standards have been fulfilled by providing proof to insurance companies.

If there are any discrepancies between what has been done and what was specified in the contract or building code, the home inspector will produce a report detailing the findings.  Moreover, an action plan will be provided, outlining what has to be fixed before the project is given another chance.

In Australia, a wide range of building inspection software programs are in use. Australian standards were used to develop this inspection software.

Building Inspection Software To Use In Australia


Using their form builder, you may create your own unique inspection, checklist, and audit forms. FastField allows you to insert your own safety and compliance criteria and validate them in real time. FastField’s simple mobile apps operate smoothly on iPhone, Android, and iPad, making it possible to collect comprehensive data sets. You also have the option of disseminating and automatically distributing your data and reports according to your requirements.


You may use this digital form to check the condition of many areas of the property, from the outside to the hallway, rooms, kitchen, and much more. You will be able to detect problems, make fixes, and set up extra activities if you follow the process. You may begin a one-month free trial on their website to see whether their building inspection app is right for you.

Hello Inspections

An App for Australian and New Zealand building inspectors. With the best building inspection software, you can create clear reports in a matter of minutes. Designed for building inspectors, Hello Inspections can generate reports on dilapidation and other findings.

Go Canvas

Pre-purchase house inspections include a quality property inspection, and this app is intended to assist individuals in doing one as part of the process. Any place that needs attention will be checked, from inside to outside and even the roof and walls. Each kind of assessment has its own part of the application. Inspectors and building surveyors may use this software for quick visual examinations of significant flaws, safety risks, and property conditions. Make the most of your pre-buy examination of a residential property using this app as a property inspector and have confidence in your findings before making a purchase.

Use this app as a home construction inspector to verify code compliance throughout the inspection process. Enhance overall efficiency by reducing the amount of time, effort, and money spent on determining the needs for residential development. This program is also capable of obtaining permission via the user’s signature, if desired. The building survey report is a fantastic additional option to think about.


When you use the InspectEasy building inspector app, your time on the job is cut in half, enabling you to be more productive. This template was created with customers in mind and provides short and straightforward comments on any issues with the property. Without internet connection, you may do inspections using this building inspection software. The reports may be sent without the internet. The report templates have been designed with a logical flow in mind, so you can travel across the property with ease, cutting down your time on site.

Status indicators in the report’s basic layout let them rapidly spot issues in a specific region. No more rambling paragraphs full of jargon and unattractive documents. To keep the report organized, terms are separated into their own PDF file. You won’t have to waste time after the inspection translating paper reports into an e-mailable digital report. InspectEasy App takes care of all of this for you.

3D Inspection Software

Inspection report writing has never been easier with the 3D Inspection System’s sophisticated inspection report writing software. Because of its market dominance since 1987, 3D Inspection System is now utilized by over 10,000 inspection companies across the globe. For the 3D Inspection System, Report Master is the only distributor in Australia, and it offers local assistance to inspection companies all across the country.

After a thorough examination, they determine if the building is in good condition based on its age and structure. If there are any urgent maintenance or repair problems found during the inspection, they will provide a report with photos and any pertinent findings. They also provide you a report on the building’s current condition, as well as any possible problems that may arise in the future.

Features For Building Inspection Software

Receive PC-Related Report Updates

If you’d like to update reports from your PC, you may do so by utilizing the web-based admin interface. Inspection agreements may be sent as well as estimates. Bills can be generated as well as inspector schedules managed.

Adding Pictures

Use the onboard camera or your picture library to add as many images as you like. Cropping and rotating pictures are other options, as well as adding arrows and text.

Manage Agreements for Inspection

Using the app, you may quickly and easily send an agreement for an inspection. The customer just has to click a button to approve it. After that, you’ll get a notification and the client information you need to generate your report right away.

Make a List of Your Favorite Items

You have the option of selecting fault statements from an extensive library, as well as creating a personalized “favorites” list for later use. As a result, it will be accessible from any of your devices as long as you have internet connection.

Multiple Gadgets are Being Used by Several People

The home inspection apps are mostly cross-platform compatible, so you may use it on both your iPhone and iPad. You may even see and modify the reports of other users in your company.

Accounting System Integration

Tired of repeatedly inputting customer information? To create an invoice in your accounting system, some building inspection software’s let you utilize information from your pre-inspection or report.

It is Voice-Activated

Turn on the voice control function in the app to start guiding it with your voice. Without touching the screen at all, you may generate a whole report.

Dashboard for Statistical Analysis

Using specially designed software to conduct home inspections enables you to see a history of all the reports you’ve completed in the past. You can check how far you’ve traveled by tapping on a month to display additional information, such as placing pins on a map.

Completion Of The Building Inspection

Upon completion of your building inspection a comprehensive report will be drawn up. This report, created by the inspector, will include full-color photos and documentation of the occurrence of significant flaws or faults discovered in your house as well as minor issues. If the problem can be repaired, replaced, or another action should be taken, the report will include that information as well as suggestions.

Importance Of Building Inspections

Home purchasers place a high value on building inspections. Every house acquisition should be preceded by an examination of the building. To put it another way, a building inspection is the greatest method to tell if a house is worth buying or not.

A buyer who buys a house without inspecting it beforehand may end up losing every cent they spent on it. Professional pre-sale building inspections are the greatest method to obtain value for your money when buying a house. What’s more is a professional building inspector will not only save you time and money but also the hassle associated with it.

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