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Australia's Suburbs

Despite the pandemic and all the negative forecasts by analysts, figures from the Adelaide property market were quite impressive between 2020 and 2021. The growth recorded in Adelaide suburbs was slow but steady with a 6% rise in property price. The major surprise was in the apartment market which has lost favour across property markets in Australia.

Impressively, however, it still maintained a decent growth of about 13.5%, which is the highest in a decade and the best among all the major cities in Australia. There has been a rise in property investment across Adelaide suburbs and this can be attributed to the keen interest that tenants now show for regional areas across Australia.

This article will take you through the best suburbs in Adelaide. First, it will examine the best suburbs to live in and then the best suburbs to invest. The analysis herein will be based on a number of key factors especially proximity to Adelaide’s CBD (Central Business District) and then lifestyle appeal. Other factors that will be considered include price of properties with the aim of helping you make a good choice.

The Best Suburbs To Live In Australia


Brighton is a suburb in Adelaide, which is South Australia’s capital city and the fifth largest in the country. The Northern side of the suburb is occupied by the Campus of Minda Inc, one of the largest disability support organisations in the Adelaide. Brighton Secondary School is also in the same suburb.

To the South, the suburb is bordered by the popular Marymount college and the Townsend Park Retirement Village. The suburb boasts of small shopping centers on Holder and Brighton roads and the beautiful Brighton beach and Jetty.

It is about a half an hour’s drive by car or a 50 minute drive on public transport from Adelaide’s CBD (just 13km away). The mean price of residential property here is about $750,000. Almost all  residents have access to educational facilities within close proximity, and the area has parklands that are within easy reach.

Henley Beach South

This is a coaster suburb at the heart of the city of Charles Sturt in Adelaide. Geographically, it is located between River Torrens outlet and the Henley Beach Road in the north and is bounded by the West Beach in the south.

The average price of a house in this suburb is $935,000. It enjoys proximity to the city with transit time being generally short (22 minute drive or a 46 minute drive on public transport).

Henley Beach South is renowned for its natural environment that is filled with green space. All the homes have easy access to parklands, and two out of three of the residents enjoy proximity to educational facilities.


Located on the shore of Holdfast Bay in the Gulf St Vincent, Glenelg is one of the beach-side suburbs of Australia. It is a well-known tourist zone due to beaches and other attractions, including many five-star hotels, resorts and popular restaurants.

Key tourist attractions in Glenelg include a Shark Museum, a Replica of the HMS Buffalo constructed in 1980, an annual celebration of epiphany for orthodox, and the Patawalonga River that has been dammed to create an artificial lake. The suburb is also home to the Southern Australia National Football League, the Southern Australia Grade Cricket League, the Glenelg Tigers, and the Glenelg Seahorses.

Glenelg is on the southwest side of Adelaide’s CBD. It is just a 21 minute drive or about 40 minutes via public transport. The mean house price in this location is about $900,000.

The suburb was established in 1836, is the oldest European settlement on the mainland of South Australia and was named after Lord Glenelg, then a member of the British parliament. The suburb offers close proximity to the parkland area to almost 90% of its residents. Approximately 40% of its residents have access to educational facilities.


Four kilometers east of Adelaide’s CBD, you’ll find Kensington – a small suburb that has its streets laid out diagonally rather than in a grid, like the rest of the city. Close proximity to the city places Kensington at about 11 minutes drive from the city centre or 40 minutes by public transport.

The area is characterized by Victorian architecture, and the median house price is $632,500, while the median unit price is $465,000. In Kensington, 100% of residents have both parklands and education facilities near their homes.

Other worthy mentions include Glenelg North, North Adelaide, Black Forest, and Seacliff.

What Are The Best Suburbs To Invest In Australia?


Tennyson has witnessed an amazing growth rate in recent times. It is fast becoming the dream destination for many people in Adelaide. It is located along the Adelaide coast, just 11km from the Adelaide CBD.

Statistics show a vacancy rate of 0.6% per annum and a compound growth rate of 12.3%. This makes it a safe rental income investment space with a potential for massive capital growth.

The property market in Tennyson is booming, with the average price of property being around $1.5 million. For you to understand how fast this Adelaide suburb is growing, if you purchased a house for $1.4 million last year, the home will be valued at $1.6 million now.

It is estimated that the Adelaide suburb will continue to grow as the Adelaide property market changes, but the challenge is how to find a property to buy in Tennyson.


This is a fantastic choice for those willing to invest in the Adelaide properties market. It is a place for the ‘big boys and girls’, and prices of properties are always on the rise. Compared to Tennyson, it is easier to get your hands on a rental property in this suburb if you have the cash.

This area is classic in terms of amenities. It is just 5km from the central business district and is home to many communities and sporting clubs. You also have access to a handful of spas, gyms, supermarkets, and restaurants all within a 5 minute drive.

The vacancy rate in Walkerville is as low as 1%, has a median house price of $1 million and a rental yield of 1.9%. It is in high demand for both renters and buyers. This year alone, it has attracted 5,778 average views on Australia’s leading Property market website realestate.com.au.

The amazing thing about Walkerville is that it is not as hot as Tennyson, and should be on your radar if this is the kind of property market you want to play in because you can get any property anytime if and only if you have the funds.


If you are looking for a place that is affordable, search no more, Semaphore is your best bet. The price of houses averages at $730,000 with a projected growth rate of 7.1% in the next five years. It is an ideal investment choice if you’re looking to avoid high capital property markets.

Semaphore is 14km away from Adelaide’s CBD. However, it is very easy to move around on foot. It is a green suburb and is home to a library, community center and a club all located within a radius of one km.

It is an amazing suburb for those who love a connection with their neighborhood. You have a coast around there and some antique shops as well. The suburb is also a popular tourist attraction.

With an average rental yield of about 3.1% and a 5-year compound growth rate of 7.1%, it is not surprising that we are placing it as the third best place to invest in Adelaide especially for those looking for a place with affordable properties, a moderate growth rate and consistently rising rental yield.


If you are passionate about having a property close to the CBD, Prospect is the right answer for you. Just like the name sounds, Prospect is a good investment market. It has a blend of historical architecture and contemporary property designs both co-existing harmoniously in this wonderful suburb. It is very close to the CBD (5km).

Recently, a lot of money has been channeled toward prospect’s infrastructure and this has nudged it into the list of the best suburbs to put your money in Adelaide.

The prices of houses here are in the midrange, around $750,000 to be precise. It has a five-year growth rate of 5.7% and the vacancy rate is as low as 0.6%, what more can a property investor ask for? The neighborhood boasts of convenience and easy access to social amenities.

Prospect may not be the hottest Adelaide suburb right now on the property market, however, if you are looking at an option to diversify your investment in the regional property market basket, this area is a good choice and a sure prospect.

Reasons To Invest In Adelaide

There are many reasons why Adelaide has witnessed a massive growth in investment in the last few years. For instance, recovering from the pandemic, the city property price grew by an amazing 5.9% according to data by CoreLogic. As of June 2021, median property price has increased to $508,712 from $468,000 in 2020.

One of the goals of property management firms is to look for an investment opportunity that will continue to rise in value years to come and If this is what you are looking for, then Adelaide should be a good choice for you. The main reasons people choose to invest in Adelaide are:

  • Great infrastructure
  • Favorable interest rates
  • Net interstate migration
  • Wide array of well-priced properties
  • It is Australia’s most livable city
  • Strong property market

Therefore, if these are the qualities you are looking for, then consider investing in one of Adelaide’s suburbs. Adelaide has the prospects to bring in good return on your investment in the long term.

Hire A Professional Property Inspection Firm

Investment in property either for residential or commercial use is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. As you decide which of the suburbs in Adelaide you want to buy a building either for investment or living in Adelaide, it is important to hire a professional property inspection firm before buying any property.

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