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Choosing Where To Live In Adelaide

Are you planning to move to Adelaide, Australia? As is the case when moving to any other area in Australia or other parts of the world, it's ideal to have a good idea of some of the best places for you to settle in the city. The location you settle in is determined by your lifestyle, budget, amenities, and other factors.

One of the most crucial factors you need to consider is the cost as some suburbs are more expensive than others. Knowing the price is vital to choosing the most suitable suburb for you to settle in. The suburb you pick should match your income to allow you to live comfortably. This article dives into some of Adelaide's most expensive suburbs. Read on.

A List Of Adelaide's Most Expensive Suburbs

Unley Park

Unley Park is one of the most expensive suburbs in Adelaide, and it is also one of the oldest residential districts in South Australia. The suburb is situated about four kilometres from the central business district. Unley Park is famous for its unique sandstone and bluestone buildings.

In addition, it is also well known for its green and spacious streets. The suburb is the home of magnificent residences and colonial houses with massive plots of land. As far as sports amenities go, it has tennis courts and swimming pools. Families and professionals are attracted to Unley Park because of the availability of excellent schools, Heyward Park, and close proximity to the city and beach.

Driving to the CBD only takes around ten minutes, while it takes around twenty minutes to the beach. The suburb is close to Unley and King William roads, making it a convenient place for shopping. Here you can shop for expensive fashion, furniture, wedding dresses, and many other high-end items.

Besides, there are also excellent restaurants and safe streets for you to walk around any time. Unley Park is a great place for you to raise a family because each home has a massive garden and safe leafy streets. Some of the schools nearby include Scotch College and Walford.

Toorak Gardens

Toorak Gardens is an excellent inner suburb with significant, tree-lined streets and beautiful home gardens to its name. The suburb was once a part of the nearby Rose Park. The Burnside Village and CBD are within a short distance from this suburb. It has many detached single-story bungalows and houses built on massive plots developed in the 1920s and 1930s.

Here you will find beautiful villas with well-maintained gardens and period features. Some historical landmarks in Toorak gardens include the Toorak Burnside Bowling Club and Burnside War Memorial Hospital. This suburb is located approximately fifteen minutes away from the city.

Moreover, you find elegant parks, houses, neighbour houses, and many others in Toorak Gardens. It is known as one of the safest suburbs in Adelaide, making it an excellent place for you to live with your family. Toorak Gardens is also a great place to live in if you are a beach lover since it's close to the beach.


Malvern is another expensive suburb in Adelaide's property market, featuring streets with elegant walking tracks and ovals, jacaranda trees, excellent schools, and stylish cafes. The suburb is conducive for families and professionals because of its high level of safety.

Malvern is filled with charm and class thanks to the iron wrought, stone-fronted mansions and Victorian villas. There are also newer buildings that add a touch of contemporary flair. There are several cafes, shops, and houses for rent, with others listed for sale.


Tennyson is another expensive suburb close to Adelaide's central business district. It is one of the sought-after suburbs because of its close proximity to the Central Business District. Tennyson has several prestigious oceanfront residences that single professionals and retirees mostly occupy.

Here you will find several educational institutions such as Grange Primary School, Seaton High School, and the Star of the Sea School. This suburb is located between West lakes and Tennyson beach, and it has several house styles, from high-quality mansions to more traditional units. The suburb is a twenty-five-minute drive to the city and twenty minutes to the major airport.


Tusmore is another costly suburb that is famous among historical property buyers. The area has excellent mansions, executive residences, and character homes, and it's a six-kilometre drive from the central business district and offers great family amenities.

People living outside this area also find the suburb a great place to visit during the weekends. Here you will find several amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, electric barbecues, and other picnic places. Additional points of interest in Tusmore include the modern Burnside Library and Tusmore Memorial Church.

Additionally, the suburb is excellent because of the available reserves, especially the famous Tusmore Park. There is also a great shopping complex with excellent coffee bars and the Old Trak Cinema.


Walkerville is an attractive, peaceful, and elegant suburb popular among nature-loving people, affluent families, and retirees. It is filled with lovely parks, wide streets, playgrounds, and riding tracks and is around ten minutes from the CBD while driving. There are also several schools, such as St. Andrew's School, Walkerville Primary, St. Peter's College, and Wilderness School.

You will be attracted to lovely green suburbs, well-maintained facades, gardens, and the river here. The suburbs' prestige and wealth are showcased in old Victorian residences and new mansions designed using Victorian architectural style. There are elegant cafes and local businesses. The house prices are high, making them suitable for you if you have a good budget.


This is another expensive suburb in Adelaide located in the Mitcham council area and around six kilometres from Adelaide's Central Business District. Several crossroads run through the north, Sussex terrace on the west, Grange Road on the south, and Belair Road on the east. Hawthorn has several parks, with Mitcham Memorial Gardens being the most famous.

If you have school-going children, there are multiple schools, such as Unley High School, Mitcham Primary School, and Mitcham Girls High School. You also have Mercedes and Scotch colleges nearby.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a southern Adelaide suburb and part of the Unley council area. Here, you find Adelaide's King William Road, a famous dining and shopping location. Hyde Park is also close to the Belair Railway Line and is around five kilometres from the Central Business District.

Here you will find several architecturally developed and historic homes. Besides, there are several schools, such as St. Thomas School and Walford Anglican School. Its proximity to Adelaide beaches makes the suburb an excellent place to live if you are outdoorsy.


Erindale is located in the Burnside Council region, about six kilometres from the Central Business District (CBD). The suburb is situated on the eastern side of Glynburn Road, close to the Leadbrook border, and it was founded in 1912, after the subdivision of the property formerly owned by James Cowan's estate. Here you will find Kensington Parklands, which is a short drive from the suburb. Erindale is also conveniently located near the parades, cafes, and retail shops.


Gilberton is located in North Adelaide on River Torrens's north bank outside the city limits. The suburb has the river Stephen Tce, Park Tce, and Northcote Tce running through it. It's a residential suburb with beautiful and vast Victorian homes. The houses in the suburb attract a high price because of the elevation of views from the northern area.

Living Tips For Adelaide's Most Expensive Suburbs

Here are tips you need to remember when buying a property in an Adelaide suburb.

Consider the amenities available

Check all the amenities available as you buy or rent a home in Adelaide's expensive suburbs. Consider if there are nearby schools, shopping centres, health facilities, entertainment places, and others according to your specific requirements.

Inspect the home

Before buying or renting your new home, you should have it inspected to ensure it is in the proper condition. You should have the property inspected for damages, pests, and other issues.

Be wary of stamp duty

It's good to note that Adelaide has the highest stamp duty in Australia. So, you should factor this in when planning your budget to rent or buy a property in any of the suburbs.

Consider Adelaide's Most Expensive Suburbs

If you want to buy or rent a home in Adelaide's expensive suburb, you should ensure you get the best among the many. You should also work with the best pre-purchase and rental inspection company to check that your property is in the proper condition for settlement.

Hire a company with the right experience and equipment to carry out high-quality inspections in Adelaide to ensure your property is safe and liveable. This also helps save on the cost of repairs after renting or buying the property.

Before you buy. Before you build. Inspect with confidence with Jim's!

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