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Adelaide's Best Suburbs To Reside In

Are you planning to relocate to Adelaide, Australia? Adelaide is a fantastic place to live in, whether you are alone or have a family. So, moving to one of the best suburbs in the capital city of South Australia is a great idea. Ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world, the city is famous for its vibrant food, laid-back lifestyle, and wine culture, among others.

People move to this city because of the great amenities, more cost-effective houses, and many employment opportunities. Adelaide has a lot of suburbs that are popular among home buyers and property investors. These suburbs have some of the best schools, entertainment clubs, medical facilities, public transport, and high-quality general facilities.

Whether you decide to rent or purchase a house in the suburbs, you need to conduct in-depth research in advance. This article offers you some of the best suburbs to live in Adelaide.

Why Should You Live In Adelaide's Suburbs?

Here are some of the reasons for you to settle in the suburbs of Adelaide.


Living in one of Adelaide's suburbs is more affordable than it is in most of Australia's large cities. The living costs are less, with house prices being more affordable than in most areas. In addition, property prices are also lower compared to suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne. There are many cheap single households and high-quality apartments where you can live without straining your budget. If you decide to buy a house, there are affordable options in the suburbs to choose from.

Unique food

Food is another factor that attracts people to Adelaide suburbs. Food is more affordable, with many eateries and multicultural options available. With the many food options in the city, you can be sure that your food preferences and taste will be met here.

Friendly climate

Adelaide suburbs have a conducive climate because the weather is friendly all-round the year. Moreover, there are fantastic beaches within walking distance or an approximate drive of fewer than thirty minutes from most of these suburbs. Some of the beaches include Brighton, Glenelg, and Port Noarlunga. Besides the beaches, there are many other areas to explore, such as Kangaroo Island, Moonta Bay, Port Elliot, and Normanville.

Super convenient transport

The transport network in Adelaide suburbs is excellent as there are a lot of transport services like buses moving from the city to the suburbs. The transport services are affordable, so you can move freely at friendly prices. In addition, there are well-developed paths in the suburbs where you can enjoy walks and bicycle riding.

Good education institutions are available

You will find ample schools in the best suburbs in Adelaide offering high-quality education. Primary schools, colleges, universities, and hospitality schools make these suburbs an excellent place to settle if you have children.

Which Are The Best Suburbs In Adelaide?

With many suburbs to live in, it is always advisable to look for the best ones to enjoy the many benefits they offer. Below is a list of the best suburbs in Adelaide to make it easier to choose where you want to live.

North Brighton

North Brighton is one of the beach suburbs in Adelaide. It is located approximately thirteen kilometres south of the central business district. This is a great suburb to live in if you have a family, are retired, or are a young couple. The suburb is famous for its superb dining restaurants, lush green parks, lively community centres, and spacious properties.

There are also cafes, boutiques, local shopping streets, and many entertainment joints near the residential area. You can buy or rent a beach house and enjoy lovely views daily for a more enjoyable lifestyle. More than 90 per cent of people here have access to excellent education facilities close to their homes.

You will find North Brighton secondary school, one of South Australia's top schools. The vast public transport network makes it possible to visit the entertainment hubs, parklands, and other areas. North Brighton is a great place to settle with your family and enjoy a good life.

North Adelaide

North Adelaide is located within the Adelaide Parklands, north of river Torrens. The suburb prides itself in culinary delights, entertainment hubs, shopping complexes, café houses, and many other facilities. North Adelaide is an excellent haven for students, young families, and retired people as it has two top universities, many health care facilities, world-class schools, and shopping centres.

People here enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and always flock to Adelaide aquatic centre. As a plus, housing prices are not high (compared to other cities in Australia), and you also enjoy less costly and accessible public transport means like, trains, and buses. Moving to North Adelaide is made easier with the assistance of the many expert removalists who also ensure the safety of your items until you settle.

Henley Beach South

This great Adelaide suburb is situated approximately nine kilometres west of the central business district. It is a coastal suburb; thus, you can expect to enjoy elegant landscapes, spacious villas, high-rise apartments, and cottages. In Henley Beach South, you will find a lot of parklands, shopping streets, and other entertainment joints that are conveniently close to the homes.

This suburb also has some of the best schools, green spaces, clubs, medical centres, and restaurants. The fact that it's a beach suburb makes it a great place to soak up the sun and watch it set. The suburb has a long shoreline stretching as long as your eyes can see. You can enjoy a quality life here whether you have a family or are simply looking for a place to enjoy your retirement.


This family-friendly suburb of Prospect has perfect amenities, stylish cafes, lively community centres, boutiques, and grocery stores. Prospect is located approximately five kilometres north of the central business district. Here you will find modern townhouses, high-rise apartments, expensive mansions, and spacious houses; you only need to decide what best suits you.

There are many schools, such as the private Roman Catholic School, Rosary School, and many other primary schools. This makes it a great suburb to live in if you have school-going children. Another essential aspect to know about Prospect is its cool environment, making it an excellent place to settle if you are a retiree.


Glenelg is situated on Holdfast Bay shore in the Gulf of St Vincent. It's a beachside suburb, so you can expect to live an enjoyable lifestyle here. The vibrant night scene, golden beaches, pubs, clubs, and beautiful landscapes make the suburb an excellent tourist destination. Glenelg has become an energetic and youthful place because of the stylish cafes, fine dining restaurants, boutiques, and shopping streets.

There are spacious homes, apartments, and high-rise buildings in Glenelg. In addition, you also find high-end amenities making it an excellent haven for you to live. You will also have an opportunity to explore amusement parks, sports complexes, and the many entertainment hubs.


Salisbury also makes it into the list of the best suburbs to live in Adelaide. It is located around twenty-five minutes from Adelaide's CBD and is perfect if you are a young couple, have kids, are retired, or are a working professional. It has a friendly environment and some of the best educational institutions. Here you will get lush green parks and spacious home options catering to various budgets.

Salisbury is more affordable than most other expensive Adelaide suburbs, making life easier even for low-income earners. Several great amenities include sports facilities, parks, and clubs. The major shopping centre here is Parabanks Shopping Centre, which has been upgraded to include a lot of stores. The roads, walking trails, and playgrounds are also well developed, making it a great place to settle in without any hassles.


Kensington is a small suburb with affordable housing, top-notch local amenities, schools, restaurants, good public transport, and healthcare facilities. You will enjoy easy access to schools, parklands, and medical facilities if you choose to live here. The suburb has green parks and diagonal streets, and you will find all the basic things you need near you.

If you plan to buy a house, you will find that the prices in Kensington are more affordable compared to most other South Australia suburbs. The rental properties are also more affordable, so you can still find a great rental space if you work on a low budget.


Bowden is famous for its eclectic dining scene and nightlife. It is one of the most developed inner northern suburbs in Adelaide, qualifying it as one of its best suburbs to live in. It prides itself on its great amalgamation of contemporary apartments, vintage cottages, and villas. This suburb offers affordable and efficient housing and promotes a strong and diverse community.

The transport system in Bowden is extensive as there is a train station, and the nearby tram line provides affordable and accessible commutation to people who live here. And guess what, the streets are made for bikes and pedestrians. Moreover, the parks and other open spaces are easily accessible to public transport and many other amenities.

Windsor Gardens

Windsor Gardens is another prominent Adelaide suburb offering affordable and new residential properties near hospitals, schools, and other amenities. It's a suburb suited for all, including retirees, singles, young couples, families, and professionals, as there are great entertainment facilities for kids and young people. Renting a property here is also quite affordable, making it a great option to settle in even if you have a low income.


Located approximately fourteen kilometres North West of Adelaide's central business district, the suburb offers many amenities and a cool environment to the people who live here. Semaphore has many preserved buildings, top schools, modern houses, medical facilities, and parklands are famous. Here you can relax and enjoy Semaphore Beach, which is backed by low dunes instead of tall buildings.


This is another excellent suburb in Adelaide to buy a home and settle with your family or spend your retirement years. The properties here are more costly than in most other suburbs. However, you can still get an affordable rental property. Walkerville has a lot of amenities that add to its allure.

Walkerville is conveniently located approximately five kilometres away from the central business district. Here you also enjoy restaurants, supermarkets, and fitness centres that are located within an approximate walking distance of five minutes from the city.

Moving And Living In Adelaide's Best Suburbs

Once you're aware of some of the best suburbs to live in, you can settle in the one that best suits you and either buy or rent a house. Here are some vital tips for moving and living in Adelaide's best suburbs.

Hire a licensed moving company

Moving can be pretty hectic, especially if you are doing it alone, as it involves a lot of things. Therefore, to ensure you don't get stressed during the process, you can opt to instead hire licensed removalists. A reputable moving company will help you throughout the moving process by carefully packing and transporting all your items to your new place.

In addition, they also ensure you are well settled into your new home in any of the suburbs as mentioned above. They have moving trucks and all other equipment needed to ensure you have a safe and stress-free move.

Create an inventory

You need to create an inventory as an accountability mechanism to ensure all your items are safe during your big move. With an inventory, you will list all your belongings for your preferred moving company. This, in turn, makes it easy for the removalists to follow the checklist and ensure that everything is intact and in the same condition as it originally was. It also helps prevent theft or loss of items during the moving process.

Note: Theft, damage, or loss of your items during the move are possible, so you should only hire a moving company with insurance.

Use high-quality packing materials

You should use packing materials to ensure that all your items are safe. You can opt to buy the materials; however, a good moving company will have these packing materials, so you don't have to buy them. In any case, you need to ensure that the materials are of high quality to guarantee the safety of your items during the move. If you have some precious items like jewellery, ensure they are handled with extra precaution.

Know the living requirements

It is good to clearly understand all the requirements for living in the suburbs listed above beforehand. If you have a car, acquaint yourself with all the driving rules and other regulations to ensure you do not fall into problems with the law. In addition, know where all the essential facilities are located in your suburb of choice so that you have an easy time when you arrive, enabling you to settle down fast.

And if you have children, ensure you find the best school for them before moving. This ensures you start a normal life immediately when you finally move. Before moving, you can visit the suburb and learn all there is to know.

Ready To Move To Your Select Adelaide Suburb?

If you have settled on one of the best suburbs in Adelaide and are ready to move, ensure that the house you are moving into is in perfect condition. The best way to do this is by hiring a building inspection company to perform a building inspection for damages.

The inspector will also conduct a thorough inspection to confirm whether your new house is infested with pests or asbestos that could pose serious health risks. If there are issues with your new house, you can request your seller or landlord to make the necessary repairs before moving into it.

This also saves on the expenses you would otherwise incur doing the repairs yourself if you move before thoroughly inspecting the property. You must look for a vastly experienced and trusted building inspections in Adelaide. Since you have a lot of other expenses as you move, consider the most affordable building inspectors.

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